Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Ticket To Ride

Hi! It's November! It's raining! IT'S NOT HUMID!

Excuse me, I'm a tad giddy. It was an awful summer, meteorologically speaking. "Summer," as in May all the way through October...

Anywhoo, here we are, enjoying fall weather and then a knitting friend of mine up and buys a beach house. OH, YES, SHE DID. So 5 of us are setting out tomorrow to inspect the house and make sure it is fun to knit in. Everyone's schedules fell into place perfectly (Larry has some days off this week!), because miracles can happen like that.

Not-yet-knitted Christmas presents

Except, I just realized that Theo's birthday is this Friday. Sure, he's turning 27 and probably doesn't care if I'm there or not; but this is the first time in years he's been here on his birthday. It feels sort of rude to abandon him, you know? Also, he's the oldest, so his birthday is always special - it marks when I first became a mom and less of a callow idiot.

Gonna finish this sweater, too...
But, hey, I'm leaving anyway. We'll have cake on Saturday, I guess. I think Theo's moving out this weekend, so it can be a farewell cake, too. Don't worry, we won't be too lonely - Anna is moving back in early next month. I need a revolving door on that guest room, I'm thinking.

I applied for another editing job (a job I've already done as an independent contractor, so HIRE ME ALREADY) at the company Theo just started working for. Good son that he is, he submitted an internal referral for me. That means my resume might make it past the recruiter to the hiring manager's desk. Woohoo!

Of course, if I do get an interview, I have no idea what to say. Anyone have interview tips for a middle-aged woman who hasn't had a real job in, oh, 27 years?

I need to go pack now. You know, all the yarn and the leftover Halloween candy and whatever else I think to throw in my bag. Clothes, maybe? Yeah, those too, I guess.  And, for those of you keeping track, this will be the THIRD time I've gone away this fall. I'm telling you, after a quarter century of not going anywhere much, this being able to get away is really novel. Seriously, there used to be entire years when I wouldn't leave town, aside from a weekend trip up to my parents' house, maybe, or a day trip to the beach with 5 or 6 kids in tow.

I'm reveling in my new-found freedom, is what I'm saying. All those years listening to people talk about frequent flyer miles and getaways with their girlfriends and weekend excursions to fun cities, while I nursed babies and cranked out 3 meals a day, every day, and thought it would never, ever end?

It did end. I'm going to the beach in the middle of the week with my friends, and everyone here will manage just fine. See? If you wait 27 years, anything can happen.


  1. Then I see my mom who still gets stuck babysitting everyone's kids and taking care of sick people. I'm hoping when I retire I can go have fun! (18 years to go..)

  2. I love how your Christmas yarn matches the beautiful fall colors in the top picture! What a gorgeous tree! Hope the beach house is fun!

  3. 27 years. Oh honey. 😁 I am happy for you though! I could use a beach trip, although I think I used up everyone's good will leaving town for a week and a half to help my sister who had surgery. It was nice to hang with her kids and her drugged up self but it was no beach trip. Enjoy for me!

  4. You lucky girl! Have fun!

  5. There is nothing quite like friends, the ones buying beach houses are the best kind! Love that you are checking to see if it is fun to knit in. My friend's lake house has horrible cell service. Oh how sad, i am away AND cannot be reached! Enjoy!!!

  6. Enjoy your time away, it sounds heavenly!

  7. A friend who knits AND has a beach house? JACKPOT! A trailer just doesn't have the "pull" of a beach house.
    That red-leafed tree against the blue sky is gorgeous, as is your choice in yarn colors. Happy knitting, happy birthday to Theo and happy first-time mom day to you! You certainly deserve some away time.