Monday, December 31, 2018

Not Bored, That's For Sure

Here it is, New Year's Eve. I've spent the last week doing I don't know what, but it's been BUSY. We ran out of Christmas dinner leftovers after 2 days and I had to start cooking again (the horror!); there were doctor's appointments for a recurrence of vertigo (and the first person to recommend the Eppley Maneuver will get blocked, if I can figure out how to do that); there was baking and more baking for our New Year's neighborhood open house tomorrow...

I swear, I am so done with lemon bars. DONE.

Happily, David doesn't mind helping. In fact, he baked 8 dozen snickerdoodles today. He helped with dinner the other night, too:

Engineers cook tater tots very precisely

There were out-of-town guests, and there was helping Anna get ready to go to Tunisia, and there were movies to see, and yes, vacation time is surprisingly exhausting. Normally I would be looking forward to a nice, slow boring January, because remember? It's my absolutely favorite month. But on January 7th I start my first full-time employment in 27 years, so the days preceding that will be filled with looking for office-type clothes and making sure Susie isn't simply abandoned for the 2 or 3 months until I can telework and generally getting ready for a pretty major lifestyle change.

So, yeah, not exactly relaxing, right? But still, exciting - I'll give it that. I'm thinking I should prepare by watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - you know, to get pointers on how to function in a totally new, real-world environment. Do you think I'll get my own desk? I'd like that.

Me, going to work the first day

Do people have desks anymore? A lot's changed in 30 years, I'm guessing.

[Kimmy Schmidt image credit: Vanity Fair]


  1. I think they use desks, but I am not the person to ask! I worked out of a storage closet at my part-time gig at a Catholic School as their advancement director. Ironically that didn't feel very advanced. I don't feel very relaxed either and I have been shocked each time my services are required to whip up a meal. Didn't I just do this? Aren't there still leftovers, somewhere? I am not babysitting over break (yippee), so when do I get to relax? Shopping for office clothes does sound fun - a tad jealous. I normally enjoy getting clothes for Christmas, but I don't feel like I need any. 'When will I wear this? It's too nice. I am just going to be babysitting' aka spit up, smeared peanut butter, etc.

  2. Some people have stand up desks now. Chairs are optional as is a bouncy ball lol. Not sure what the clothes situation is there but everyone really dresses down where I work.

  3. Yeah there are still desks...usually shoved into cubicles and everyone can overhear everything you say. Unless you get lucky and your cubicle is kind of isolated. Or maybe, you'll get EVEN luckier and get an office with an actual door! Happy New Year and good luck with the new job!!

  4. Happy New Year!
    Best of luck as you prepare to reenter the work force!

  5. May I ask what you do/take for vertigo. I would love to find something that worked. Thanks

  6. The tater tot photo brings joy to my heart. But vertigo - no joy in that. I wish you good luck in your re-entry into the working world. If you aren't an undergrad student, I'm guessing you will probably get a desk, but what do I know - I work at home.

  7. Congratulations on your new job! I hope it is everything you hope it will be!

  8. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor! I know you will do great! And I love the tater tots ... my engineering crew would TOTALLY get it.

  9. January 7th is a good day for new beginnings. After all, what else would a person do on the 13th day of Christmas? (Spoiler: such a day does not exist. Christmas ended a few hours ago with Epiphany, even though MY decorations are still strewn about the house.)
    Wishing you the very best on your first day of work!