Tuesday, January 30, 2018


My favorite month is ending and there's nothing I can do about it. From here on out, the year picks up speed, careening through birthdays and holidays until it slams right into December, with all its Christmas cheer and concomitant festive requirements. Dammit, I might as well start writing 2019 on my checks RIGHT NOW.

Ironically, as my life is speeding by at breakneck speed, I'm slogging away at a snail's pace on my January project, which HAS to be finished by tomorrow because I don't want it to drag into February. We knitters have deadlines, you know.

The name of the pattern is Pure Joy; but I'm telling you, this pile of yarn is anything BUT that right now. The problem with these crescent shawls is that they are deceptive. They lure you in with a seemingly harmless nine-stitch cast on, but then they increase every other row, which means those last five rows take FOREVER.

This particular project has, quite frankly, overstayed its welcome.

Of course, that's not the only thing I knit this month.  That would be boring. Also, I wouldn't have any knitter cred if it were. They're a tough crowd, these knitters. No, I also finished some socks (my January socks, if you must know) and I knit that cowl for my yoga teacher and a hat for Susie, to make up for the one I sent north for Christmas. Oh, and there was a stray dishcloth that worked its way in there somehow.

These things happen.

The January project, though, was a special treat for myself, something ambitious knit with special yarn that I got at 30% off way back during my Black Friday yarn-buying spree. It seemed like a good idea at the time; but now? I'm sick of it. I'm fickle. The Fickle Knitter.

Is "fickle" a word?

In other news, no one but myself seems to care what this house looks like, I swear it.

The kids have good stacking skills, though.

"Why don't any of you dump the compost in the bucket outside when it gets full?" I asked Brian the other morning, in full exasperation mode. "Look at that mess!"

"It's not a mess," said he. "It's a visual representation of the wastefulness in modern American society."

You know, I thought I was living with slobs, but apparently? They are just misunderstood artists.


  1. Or misunderstood ecologists. Good luck on the shawl. I know exactly how a project can seem to be endless!

  2. He would make a good lawyer. I have a son that is just like that. Kudos on all of the knitting projects!

  3. You lost me at crescent shawl. Nine stitches of what? Ha! Happy knitting and my kids seem to like a challenge, like: who can put more in the bathroom garbage? What kills me is when they clean out there room and put huge items NEXT TO the bathroom garbage vs carrying it down to the garage and putting it into the garbage can. Shoe boxes and over-sized shit was NEVER going to fit in there!

  4. Hahaha - Brian's quick-witted, I'll give you that. I'm not quite sure what a crescent shawl is, but it looks very pretty!

  5. Emptying the compost bin on the kitchen counter is so much not my job (in fact, when I'm home alone for several days or a week, I take that time to thoroughly sanitize the bin for when the others return home). But for some reason, I cannot get my husband or sons to realize that they don't have to wait until the darn thing is overflowing before someone finally decides to take it outside. What's up with that, anyway?