Friday, January 11, 2019

Kindness Just Kills Me

Again, quickly, because I seem to have turned into a responsible person who goes to bed at a reasonable hour every evening. Amazing what a job will do for a person, huh?

I've gone to work 5 days in a row now. I thought it would wear me out, but it's actually almost relaxing - after 27 years of structuring my own day, every single day - to have someone else structure my time for me. I got home this evening at 5:00 and had the energy to chop veggies and make dinner, which is bizarre, because (for the last 3 decades) the absolutely LAST thing I could do was start dinner prep at the late hour of 5 PM. I was too exhausted by that point.

Seriously, people, I used to prep dinner in the morning, just because I knew I'd be a zombie by 4.

So, yeah, I'm liking this new lifestyle.

Wednesday's dinner - but, hey, I baked the cornbread!
On Day 2 of My New Life, I received a free laptop and a nifty backpack to carry it in. I was trying to play it cool when the training guy handed me and the other newbies these items, but the other new editor felt no such compunction. "Oh, wow!" she said. "What a cool backpack! Look at all the pockets!"

She's totally my people.

So, yeah, an exciting week, marred only slightly by Larry's insisting that I max out my 401K contributions (translation: I don't get to fritter away all my earnings on yarn and Nando's). I'm going to be pissed off if I drop dead early and don't get to use that money, though.

And can I give a shout-out to my friends, who have stepped up to make sure Susie isn't left alone at home doing workbooks (or not) all day? In a month or two, I'll be allowed to telework; but until then, I have to go into the office every day. I was worrying and worrying about Susie, and somehow not thinking to, oh, I don't know, ask people for help. They came riding to the rescue anyway, thank goodness. So many of them...

Really, I've made pretty good friends over the years, and I get sort of weepy thinking about it. These people are inconveniencing themselves, repeatedly, just so I can start something new at age 55, which is...I can't even find the right words, they're all inadequate...such an incredible gift. An incredible, undeserved gift.

Dammit, this is making me cry. I love you, guys, you're amazing. And Susie loves all the food you feed her. But she lets you know that, I'm guessing...


  1. Hooray for the cavalry! And hooray for your new job! It must really energize you because when I was working I could hardly wait to get home and put my feet up!

  2. Wow Rena! Congratulations, you are awesome and so inspiring!

  3. I'm going back to read all your posts to catch up with how you did this :)

  4. This is fantastic on so many levels! xo

  5. Congratulations! You've found something you apparently enjoy and it is bringing you new energy!

  6. That's SO fantastic to read of your first week at work! Obviously you picked a good job because it's making you feel happy and not sapping your energy. And how sweet to feel the support of others as you move into this chapter.

  7. So glad you are enjoying your job and that you have found a kindred spirit! Glad Suzie has a fan club looking out for her. I am confident you will find a way to purchase some yarn.

  8. You've invested in good friends and I am sure they are happy to find a way to help you out. Sometimes it kills me that I can't do more for my friends that do so much for me.

  9. Swag.

    I will sweat for swag.

  10. LOL on getting pissed off about the 401k money. I worked with someone that lived like a pauper saving for retirement. One day she didn't come to work and they found her dead in her living room. So yeah, it can happen buy the yarn ;)

    1. I'll show this to Larry! It's not fair if he's left spending all my money without me.

  11. Very exciting! And backpacks with all the pockets are the best.