Friday, January 25, 2019

Being Employed Is Nice

Oh, uh...hi! Looks as though it's been almost (gasp) 2 weeks since we talked. That's what having a new career will do to a person, I guess. She just abandons everyone she's ever known as she walks into the sunset with her company-provided laptop and backpack.

Or not. I've just been a little overwhelmed by this major lifestyle change. And now I'm overwhelmed by the thought of trying to catch you up with everything, so why don't we just dive into a random list, okay?

1. I got my first paycheck yesterday (direct deposit doesn't kick in for a bit). I brought it back to my little cubicle and took a picture of it, because...well...exciting. Then I thought, "Gee, that looked pathetic." So I felt way better when I caught the other new editor (who is younger than me and has always worked) doing the exact same thing. I like that woman.

2. I know that after 6 weeks or so, I'm supposed to be able to telework, but can I tell you something? After all these years at home, I love, love, LOVE going into the office. There's plenty of tea, and a cafeteria downstairs, and people to talk to and - best of all - I can sit at my desk and FOCUS on my work. Do you know how long it's been since I've been able to focus on just one thing? It's so darn relaxing. Seriously. I can FEEL my brain going "A-a-ahhhhh." I never want to multitask ever again.

3. There's an IT guy at work (did I mention I have a job?). When there's a problem with my computer, he comes to my desk and fixes it. If I need something like headphones or whatever, he gives it to me. When he hooked up my laptop to a couple of bigger monitors and showed me how to use all the screens at once, I told him, "You're even better than having a teen around!" I'm not sure he knew what to do with that statement.

4. Yes, I still have kids. They're around here somewhere.

5. Larry's adjusting well. Remember, he's spent 27 years with someone manning the home fires, as it were, sort of keeping track of everything (like, uh, where ARE those kids, anyway?). But he's managing to roll with the Costco-prepared dinners and my not knowing where the heck his laundry is and just the general weird feeling that things have changed. He's a champ. But we all knew that already, right?

I do still cook sometimes (full disclosure: IKEA meatballs)

6. It snowed here at some point, but then it got washed away by rain. Lots of rain. I need to move north.

Picturesque, right? It didn't last long.
7. Susie  and I could not figure out how to fit our light-up deer back into the box. We briefly discussed leaving it up year round, but decided against it. Larry amused himself for a time by moving it around the house and scared the bejeezus out of me when I walked into my yarn room one night.

Why does this look SO CREEPY indoors?
8. And, in keeping with my newfound habit of getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I need to sign off. I'm exhausted. Because of my job. Oh, did I tell you about my job?


  1. I just found you now. When you have a job. And not a full time blogger. WHAT THE HE$# IS THAT? (I will begin to really swear in your comment section once I get to know you.)

    That job thingy sounds pretty fun and interesting. Maybe I should get one someday.
    Also, that dinner looks better than something I can create and I am home all day.

    1. Welcome to The More, The Messier! There's a lot less vomit nowadays, thanks be to God, but kids and mice are still present.

      I just jinxed myself, didn't I? Yeah, I did.

  2. I would feel the same about the office. Having somewhere to go, to get dressed for, people to talk to, food prepared FOR you instead of By sounds wonderful! And those Costco prepared meals are pretty darn good if you asked me. I think my family would prefer those!

  3. So glad you are still loving it! I worked out of the home for a few years before I started babysitting for teachers' kids at my house. I admit I felt great saying things like, 'Well, when I left for work this morning . . .' Like I WAS a grown up. Now I am relegated to diaper duty and dressing down - like way down in anticipation of baby food splatters and spit up. It was hard to go to work and come home to find the orange juice and lunch-meat left out all day and the garage door open all day. Although I swear that if someone had tried to break into our house (or in this case walk right thru the garage door), they would take a look around and swear the place had already been ransacked by another team of thugs and they would shrug and leave.

  4. Yes, you've been missed but I'm glad you are loving your job. As a working woman, it IS hard to keep up the blog but I try.

  5. You sure the co-worker wasn't taking of photo of her check to, you know, make an electronic deposit?

    I am so loving your enthusiasm....and I'm still curious about what the heck your job IS!

  6. Eh. When I saw you hadn't posted I knew it was because of your fancy new job. You cantc be everything to everyone! The deer thing cracks me up. Who would think of something like that?!?

  7. I'm with Jennifer Jo and thinking your coworker might have been using that fancy deposit trick (I never did). I readily admit to missing a paycheck but am not missing being the only one holding down the office and trying to still live my life. Your enthusiasm for your job is refreshing!

  8. I love IT....I work part,part time and I love those people. I want people! And, money in the nice.

  9. A good IT person, coffee/tea, nice co-workers, space to focus--where is this heaven? I want to apply! So glad you landed where life treats you well.

  10. Congrats on your job! Definitely sounds like the right step for you.