Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Happy Not-So-New Year!

 Happy New Year! I guess we can all just rip off these masks and go back to life as normal now, right? RIGHT?

Oh, maybe not. Well, then, at least we have all that election stuff behind us, right? No more worrying about ballots or voter turnout or...

Oh, oh yes - Georgia. The fate of the nation turns on Georgia today. And tomorrow...well, never mind. Some day this will all be over. I would totally like to resume ignoring both my health and my government, thank you, like the good American I am. 

Remember Christmas? 

We had a lovely COVID Christmas, albeit a quiet one. The "kids" (as discussed previously) decided to spend the afternoon building candy houses and, as usual, spared no effort.

New Year's Eve was similarly quiet. Normally, we spend New Year's Eve cleaning up the house in preparation for our neighborhood's New Year's Day party, an event we have hosted since 2008. This year, however, the party was canceled due to COVID, with the upshot being our house risked remaining a mess until next New Year's. 

But Anna did return to Tunisia on Sunday, and Brian decided to move down to the guest bedroom in the basement that she had occupied for the last 9 months, so the result was that everything got a pretty good cleaning out anyway. Brian has definite ideas of what he will and will not live with, so the seashell lamp that Anna used on her desk all year was unceremoniously dumped outside his door.

"You don't want this?" I asked Brian.

"No," he said. "It's ugly. Do you like it?"

"Um, no, I guess not," I said. "But it was here when we moved in."

"Thirteen years ago," he said. 

So yeah, it takes me over a decade to realize I don't like a lamp.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Anna left me, and I am bereft. She's the only other one in the family who will actually plan a dinner. It was like she was another grown-up or something. Also, she was just fun to have around. Grown offspring are cool.

On the plus side? With Brian moving downstairs to her room, I HAVE MY OFFICE/YARN ROOM BACK. I don't know who is more excited, me or my long-suffering spouse who has tolerated for almost a year the numerous Rubbermaid bins full of yarn in our bedroom and the tangle of knitting needles hanging up in our closet. He'd also like our nightstands back, which Sarah and I commandeered back in May to build my makeshift desk.

The day Anna left, we took down the tree, packed up all the decorations, put the furniture back in place - you know, all those things you do that make you feel like you have a fresh start to the year, even if this year it is less of a fresh start and more of a retread. Still, we packed things up and realized that most of the items we actually use (aside from the lights) fit into these 2 small bins:

But -- and this just kills me -- we still had this REALLY LARGE bin more than half-filled with boxes containing I know not what:

"Let's chuck it," I suggested to Larry, who immediately got the panicked look on his face that appears whenever I suggest chucking anything, ever. You know, that "I might need it" look?

"We don't use it," I told him. "See?" I pointed to the two small bins. "That's the stuff we use. And that..." (here I pointed to the large bin) "...is the stuff we don't use."

Don't think for even a second that this line of reasoning worked. We're keeping everything, as usual. I just want the kids to know I tried, is all.


  1. I cannot bring myself to gather my Christmas decor and pack it up. Such a hassle. Didn't I just put forth the effort to set it all up? I know the house will look all fresh, but for what? Visitors? We did have Coach's sister and brother and their families over on the 26th so at least someone saw our tree and my display of Christmas house and ate off of our Christmas plates.

    Those gingerbread houses are super impressive. It makes me wonder if it's too late to start this as a tradition with my old-ish children. My girls are obsessed with HGTV and I can see the gingerbread thing taking on an open concept and master suite flavor that might be entertaining.

    All the best to you and the family in 2021! Always happy to see a post from you pop up.

  2. I'm with you at wishing I could go back to ignoring the news.

  3. I love the graham cracker houses - it definitely looks like there may be a couple of architects in the bunch.

    I laughed at your bin of stuff...I had one of those after Christmas too and I'm the one that put it back downstairs. Perhaps I'll be ready to toss it before Christmas next year.

    Take care, stay well!

  4. I've been doing a lot of pictures to the kids, do you want this? If not out to the free table. I'd never ask the husband though lol. He never throws anything away.

  5. First I got rid of the husband. Then I was able to get rid of all the things...

  6. Last year, after Christmas I had more than 10 bins and I decided no more. I whittled it down to six - yes, that still seems like a lot but it's a work in progress.

  7. I would totally like to resume ignoring both my health and my government, thank you, like the good American I am. ... Well, that pretty much said it ALL! We are unanimous on that. I'm on Team Pfizer and so perhaps The Man and I can stay out of the Morgue and get this last Grandchild Raised... she was really worried The Rona might take us out and she'd be a Pandemic Orphan.