Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain, Rain....

Lord have mercy, it's raining. And cold. And I don't know what to do with the children. We have already visited Target today, where I bought them a couple of really cheap toys in a pathetic attempt to get through the afternoon. Then I bought us one large popcorn to share and had the nerve to ask the guy for 5 free cups for water. I'm quite the big spender. I'm surprised he didn't assume I was skimping on the kids' food to support a drug habit and call the police.

But if Child Protective Services does show up at my door to investigate charges of malnutrition, I can redeem myself by showing them that Susie actually eats her carrots now, instead of sneaking them onto Brian's plate. Yet another gustatory miracle brought to you by the supernatural powers of ketchup. It's what's for dinner.

One more hour until bathtime. Maybe I'll suit everyone up and send them out to play in the rain. That should impress the authorities.


  1. Rainy and cold here too with some nice fog thrown in. The rainy bath thing will probably backfire - this time of year it's really muddy out there. Your post about supernatural powers reminds me of the quote/poem - "Shake and shake the ketchup bottle. None'll come, and then a lot'll." ~ Richard Armour

  2. Us, too, with the rain. And the only place we've gone today is to the lab, because I needed blood work. If Spring doesn't come soon, I swear. I'll go drown myself in a puddle or something.

  3. i thought i was the only one who counted down the hours until bath time. second best part of the day -- the first being bedtime

  4. Yay for the carrot victory (and yay for ketchup!). When my girls were little, they would only eat vegetables in cheese sauce. I used to buy the huge cans of cheese sauce from Sam's Club - you know, the size that restaurants buy.

    Now my teen gets her veggies in the middle of a Whopper or Big Mac.

  5. We have snow forecast for the weekend....I am SO excited!!

    I know that feeling of the pre bed countdown - I prescribe a G and T!

  6. You should get the kids out to the off ramps with a sign that says "Help, I have too many brothers and sisters" and get them earning some money!

  7. I'll just lie and tell you it's rainy and cold here, too.

    But I definitely do the bath/bed countdown.

  8. It rained/sleeted/snowed here all day too.
    I resorted to playdough and tv...

  9. It snowed here a few days ago, but it melted pretty quick. Right now, my kids are outside playing in the mud that was under the snow.
    At least they're outside.

  10. Ahhh yes...Target therapy. I have used that many times but I'm always afraid of the popcorn. We used to leave a trail through the store as if we were trying to find our way back to the snack bar.

    We used to split a pretzel...yum...

  11. Same here, same here. I'm looking forward to a nice sunny warm day:)

  12. If you're really looking to impress the authorities, send them out in the rain naked. They need to wash themselves, not their clothes.

  13. I dunno.... popcorn is fiber, right? And butter counts for calcium, so as long as they dipped it in ketchup (vegetable) you're all set for the meal!

  14. 5 cups of water?! Funny.

    Rainy, cold days are so painfully, crazy long.

    I hope you had a mid afternoon cocktail. That will impress the authorities.

  15. Rain? Pardon me while I sit down and weep.

    You're complaining about rain?

    Have you seen the foot of snow outside the Matronly stoop?

    Sweetie. We love you. And your six kids, single husband and pedestrian ways in that regard.

    But rain sounds miraculous.

  16. Hey it's supposed to snow again here, on Friday AND Saturday! I can hardly wait. No really, I just want to run barefoot through the snow, just one more time. Bring IT ON!!

    This winter has definitely gone on TOO Long!

  17. I find my chi at Target.

  18. Ketchup is a vegetable, ask Ronald Reagan.

    And I almost canceled a dentist appointment one day until I realized I needed a little "me" time.

    At. the. dentist.



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