Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal Farm

Edited to add: all you folks popping over from Dawn's blog to read about mice, just type "mice" in the search box up there at top left. Then read from the bottom if you want the tales (oops! no pun intended) in chronological order.

Larry took the four youngest to a local farm park this morning. Judging from the pictures that I've just edited (and can't show, sorry), they saw a lot of sheep and lambs. A couple of piglets. A horse. And 2 turkeys. It would have looked (from the photos) like a fun family outing, but for the fact that, in every single picture, Susie has an extremely unhappy look on her face. She did tell me, when she came home, that they had seen some very scary animals. I guess any animal looks scary when it's bigger than you.

Exhausted - must go to bed. I've been running on only 4 hours of sleep today, and I am really too old to do that. G'night!


  1. Sometimes I imagine what it's like for my 3 year-old to walk by all these HUGE dogs on the street. I mean, they are really as big as she is. Starts to explain the terror.

    4 hours?! Not. Enough. Sleep.

  2. I might have to back Susie up on that one. Though the small ones can be pretty scary, too, depending on their teeth.

  3. Lambs? My wife would die. She LOVES lambs. Lamps? Not so much. But she sure loves lambs.

    Hope you got some sleep!

  4. You could do the Paint thing where you brush out their faces; of course then we wouldn't get the full effect of the unhappy face!

  5. I am forever impaired by the DST this year. I am about to move the wash, then I can go to bed.

  6. I'm sure it was tons of fun. You just can't please every kid every time, that's all.

  7. I give Larry credit...he is good at taking the kids out, hiking, to the farm, etc. Even if it scares his daughter.

    Hope you got some sleep last night.

    Happy St. Patty's Day (if you're celebrating).


  8. Hey, don't discount the turkeys. Those are weird, ugly, noisy birds that don't take well to children.

  9. You got 4 hours of sleep?


    My toddler is afraid of ALL animals whether of not they are bigger than him. They are all "skewy."