Sunday, March 02, 2008

Quiet as Mice

Quick note to any dieters out there: it may not be in your best interest to leave an open box of Girl Scout cookies (Trefoils) next to your keyboard. Just take my word for it, okay? And did you know that Trefoils are best when you chew them up really well and then just sort of keep them in your mouth for a minute or so? I mean, in theory? Ahem.

During my cleaning frenzy this morning, I decided to go above and beyond by actually cleaning the furnace filter. I entered the furnace closet only to find that apparently Larry has stopped checking the mousetraps nightly. Which means, who knows what might be decomposing in our attic even now? That's a fun thought.

I was complaining to Larry that I couldn't finish writing the stuff that I might actually make money from (as opposed to these blog posts that he sees me wasting time over) because, by the time I sit down to work at 9 PM, I'm too tired to do anything but mindlessly surf the blogosphere. And I can't write during the day with 2 little girls dancing around my computer chair and trying to sit on my lap. The Yarn Harlot, I pointed out to him, has been sequestered this week in a cabin in the Canadian woods, just so she can get her writing done. Larry was kind enough to refrain from pointing out that she is a professional writer, as opposed to being a whining dilettante (um, that would be me). But he did call my bluff by taking the 4 youngest to the aquarium for the day. The teens are out at chess club and flute choir all afternoon. Which left just me at home, with no distractions whatsoever....(well, aside from the box of Trefoils, of course)....

Do you know how hard it is to concentrate with no distractions? It's so damn quiet in here. I actually had to take a walk to the bookstore to get anything done. (And to get away from the blogosphere...) (Not that I am blaming you guys for my lack of productivity or anything...)

Nothing interesting is happening here, nothing. Not even anything cute and endearing...although I took Bia's advice and had a family night here yesterday evening (the teens were out, which made it easier - they don't want to know from family nights at their age). David was in charge and he chose pizza and monopoly to be our food and activity for the evening. We had Hershey's kisses and mini-Reese's cups on free parking - aren't I fun? A good time was had by all, so thank you, Bia, for encouraging me to be a nice mommy for once.

And yes, I've been writing down all the chocolates and pizza - and I haven't gone over my Weight Watchers points. But if someone doesn't grab this box of Trefoils away from me, I'm definitely in trouble.


  1. Once again, I'm struck by how closely alike our minds work, you and I. Not only about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of posting potentially copyrighted material in the Blogosphsere, but also about Girl Scout cookies. Especially the Trefoils. My post exactly!

  2. Oh, I think you are a nice mommy AND, since you've been voted cute and endearing and all, why, you're practically perfect!

    I'm so glad your family night worked out. I'll have to try that monopoly idea...we usually just put extra monopoly money on free parking, but your idea of using candy is much, much better!

    God bless!

  3. i've been yo-yoing with the WW. and not writing things down this week. oops. glad you got some quiet time. i can't concentrate when the house is to quiet either. and i understand the trying to get things done while the kids are here. and that this comment is rambling and annoying. go ahead. have a cookie. you will feel better

  4. Hubby just called me at work to tell me that the washer is flashing an error code and what should he do? I told him to take the bottom panel off the washer, unscrew the inside of the pump and clean out the legos, twist ties, etc, as the E 02 code means it isn't draining properly. His response was that he didn't know how to do that and didn't have time. Guess what I'll be doing when I get home at midnight? If my torax screw drivers are still in my toolbox and I can find the toolbox, I'll be fixing the washer, again. We have a warrantee on it, but it takes Sears a week or more to get here and I know how to clean out the pump, as I watched them do it before.

    Now where is my toolbox, the one with the basic tools I need to fix little stuff around the house? Hubby probably moved it somewhere safe for me. He may have locked it up in his workshop again to keep the boys out of it. It could be on the sun porch or still in the laundry room up high where I think I used it last month.

  5. mommeeof9 - Yes, we have had a front-loading Kenmore; and I too had the privilege of observing how the repairman (after waiting a week) opened the bottom panel and removed all sorts of odds and ends from the pump! When you get a chance, register an e-mail with blogger, so I can reply to you directly. You can set up a gmail account just for blogging purposes (that's what I did).

    slow panic - I had 10 cookies (7 points!), but I don't feel better.

    bia - you can count on me for the good chocolate ideas.

    kalynne - good to see someone else is wrestling with demonic possession by Girl Scout cookies. I'd hate to think I was the only one.

  6. At least they were Trefoils and not Samoas!

  7. I will take your advice about the Trefoils. I will be sure to have my Samoas on hand instead. Although my husband is determined to eat as many as he can to save my thighs. I'm pretty sure a few more cookies won't do them any more harm. Because it isn't like the gym is doing them any good.

  8. The furnace has a filter? Go figure... We should probably - check on that or something.

    I'm paid to write dreadfully boring technical documents, and I'm continually distracted by blogs, even when it's quiet, even when there are no distractions, ESPECIALLY when there are no distractions.

    I've figured out that I can ONLY get things done if I have a deadline looming.

    Girl scout cookies, YUM.

  9. There is something about quiet and no interruptions that absolutely drains one's mind of all creative productivity.

    It's a strange thing...

  10. Yes, those cookies can be very distracting.

  11. I'm still reeling over "But he did call my bluff by taking the 4 youngest to the aquarium for the day." The 4 youngest. The 4 youngest. You are a brave woman and deserve BOXES of trefoils!

    Hope you did enjoy the bookstore time.

  12. "Do you know how hard it is to concentrate with no distractions? " Oh yeah! I mean, silence is such a uncomfortable "sound".

    Family night sounds GREAT! I am sure if we would let our oldest choose the menu, he would choose, ice cream and raisins!

  13. i can relate - i do nothing during the day because of my 2 little warriors...then by the time i sit down, i too am too tired to do anything but cruise through blogs making comments!

  14. thin mints...from the freezer. Frozen thin mints. hmmmmm
    I actually flipped over here because I just love reading the comments you get. I'm off to go figure out how to remove the bottom panel from my front loading washer.

  15. Good job sticking to your points! I hear you about the quiet--I'm always so stunned by it that I end up unable to work.

  16. tempered woman - Aaack - I just visited your blog - are you trying to get me kicked out of Weight Watchers once and for all?

    I like the comments I get, too - they tend to be things I never thought of....

    jck - 6 is way easier than 2. In fact, any number of children is easier than 2.

    cheri - 2 servings, that is correct.

    mamabird - Good, I'm glad it's not just me.

    jenn - I'm not a Samoa kind of gal - never liked them. I'm more traditional that way, I guess.

  17. We don't have girl scout cookies, but I'm sure I can find a substitute. I can blog anytime, but writing something serious, now that's another matter.

  18. I LOVE trefoils!
    Send them to me, I would be more than happy to help you stay on your diet by eating the cookies for you.

    I'm just nice that way.

    Also, I don't even TRY to start working until 11:00 pm when I know that everyone else in my house is sleeping.

  19. Will the Girl Scout cookies never end? Family Night doesn't play with the teens at my house anymore either.

  20. I haven't been maximizing the free parking on Monopoly. All these wasted years.

    The family night sounded fun.

    Good luck with the writing.

  21. I so identify with you. When I've done Weight Watchers, my days are all about having a zero-points lunch (steamed broccoli) so I could have a six-points mocha and a three-points biscotti in the afternoon, still saving more points for chocolate after dinner.

    Couldn't figure out why I was hungry all the time, either.

  22. I think I'd be too scared to be off in the woods like the Harlot is...

  23. I can resist the Trefoils, it's the Thin Mints that hold me captive. I usually figure that I will exercise for about 90 minutes tomorrow to pay for the points I am using up today.

  24. I was bummed this year because we didn't end up coming across any cute little girls selling cookies...until I remembered I was tying to lose weight and that cute little girl and all her yummy cookies would have set me back at least 5 pounds!

  25. I love Girl Scout Cookies; my favorites are the peanut butter ones (Tagalongs, I think). Mmmmmmm. I guess it's a good thing they're only available once a year, huh?

  26. I'm loving that you had to leave bloggy world a bit to be able to post in bloggy world....

    So glad I'm not the only one who is experiencing silent allergies when it comes to writing...