Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Can Dream, Can't I?

It's about the mice today. Anna heard scrabbling in the ceiling above her bed - and considering she sleeps in the top bunk, she was a bit freaked out. For some reason Larry was not anxious to climb up into the attic to hunt rodents after a rough day at work (how rough? specifically, "sucky, but not too sucky," whatever the heck that means). Methinks he is losing some of that youthful energy that I so admired when I met him. But, being as that I am not exactly the sweet, energetic girl he married, I can scarcely complain.

Ah, Twix, how I love thee! Is there anything more glorious than having both extra Weight Watchers' points at the end of the week and a bag of Twix in the house? What a marvelous confluence of events! In fact, the only reason I am still awake is that I had to wait until my kids were asleep to break into my chocolate-y stash.

I'm trying to remember what made me happy before I had kids. I'm pretty sure it was something more exciting than a bag of candy.

We had a glorious spring day today, warm enough to sit out on the deck and bask in the sun. And I felt skinnier because I didn't need my long johns on underneath my jeans. Hey! That should take a couple of ounces off my weigh-in tomorrow - pass me some more Twix!

My best friend came over with her daughter; and while the girls played, she told me how she wasn't sure what she'd do with herself all day once all her kids were in school next year. And no, she wasn't joking. I told her I'd give her a list. Not that I fantasize about that or anything. But I do wonder whether, devoted homeschooler that I am, I'll suddenly do an about-face the year my youngest is old enough for kindergarten. "Hey, kids! Remember all that stuff I told you about school? Kidding! It's not that bad! Here's your lunch, have a great day, see ya later!"

Sigh. Yoga 3 days a week, knitting classes, catching up on all the photo editing and albums - and you? What would you do (or what do you do already) with 6 or 7 blessed hours every day, 5 days a week? Go ahead, make me weep...


  1. I gave up homeschooling and opened my sewing store. But in reality I got little done. When the kids were home I knew things needed done, and they were here to help. When they were in school I actually sat at the table and read the paper while eating breakfast. What I did on the run now took 45 minutes. It took me an entire school year to get adjusted to having free time. This year I'm on a roll. I go to the gym, clean the house and get lots of sewing done. And blog.

  2. Bags of candy made me happy before kids. They make me happier now, except the kids found the stash! We'll have to move it back to Brian's underwear drawer.
    I have 2 hours 3 days a week now. I seem to have someone home sick once a week. I clean house uninterrupted once. I grocery shop without kids in tow once and there you have it. If i have time to spare, I raid Walgreens and CVS for coupon/freebie deals. That is my newest hobby.

  3. Methinks you're heading down the yellow brick road -- no, make that the magic poppy field. As a homeschooler, I used to wonder the same thing (once the youngest are old enough for kindergarten, wouldn't I be tempted...?). Then God gave me a new youngest, and darned if I was going to wait that long. Off they all went, the very next year!

    Like Angie, I had someone home sick -- sometimes two, three or four someones -- practically all the time. And like Karen, there was not nearly as much free time as I'd thought there would be.

    Still, those poppies are so sweet...

  4. Well now I go to school, but before that I spent a lot of time volunteering at their school. I guess I just like school!

  5. Ha! I just noticed your new tagline - Kids, Vomit, Mice. At least I'm assuming it's new. I'm not all that observant.

    Everytime you mention homeschooling I remember all over again that you do it. And am amazed all over again. I would go out of my freaking mind. Kudos to you.

  6. I haven't had to work since 2001 because of a 'windfall.' At first I was thrilled since I had, up to then, spent all my free time on my career. It was just always a constant and kids were never in the mix for me. I was (still am) a workaholic.

    Suddenly, after all these years of just being able to write and do the gigs I want, I find myself bored. Sometimes I daydream about having a 9-5 job.

    I always said I could never sit home and take care of children because I'd be bored but look Ma, No kids! And bored!

  7. Ooo, sounds corny, but I'd miss mine. They were all in school for a year -- daughter in 6th, sons in K and preschool. I hated it. Depression descended. They're almost-21, 15 and 14 now, so I do have lots of free time. I'm an artist and entered 4 (!) paintings in shows yesterday. When kiddos were younger, I was finishing only one or two works a year.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
    I'm wondering what life with 6 kids would be like. You are rich in children! I would definitely need some time to myself then, but what an interesting life it must be!

  8. I clean my house (yuck, but necessary), blog, garden when it's nice, and drink lovely, interruption-free cappuccinos. And sometimes I even go shopping. School is good. :)

  9. With my 5-6 hours....I go to school myself, study, try to do the grocery shopping, any errands and the laundry before the kids get home or I need to be driving them to extras...yes, hours of wiled away time!

  10. Somebody asked me what I would do allll day next year when my youngest is in preschool. Um, for 2 mornings a week. For 2.5 hours.
    I can't imagine what I'll do with alll that free time ;)

  11. clean my house. Seriously, I'm kinda sick that way.

    Work on cross stitch and crochet again.

    Read. Books.

    Exercise more. Start running again maybe.

    Learn to cook.

  12. Ah ... the call of free time. :D Yoga 3x a week doesn't sound bad to me (oh wait, I do that now), and you know I need to do the photo editing and scrappin' thing, too. I'm sure we'd spend more money because I'd be able to go to Target All. BY. MYSELF. and actually try on clothes, or see what's in those other aisles that I run by for fear that the kids will see something they "need". Oh, and I'd be able to hunt around for some organizational things I've been dreaming about for years. Mostly, though, I'd just enjoy a half hour to eat my breakfast and drink my coffee without my children fighting with each other or nagging me.

  13. All this talk of free time is making me reconsider homeschooling! Then again my son's only two and is currently nursing a broken arm, so any free time would be nice. I think if I had all the time in the world I would sleep, knit, read and go to the gym. Probably in that order. How wrong is it that mothers don't have the ability to stop time? Think how much easier things would be if we had as much time as we wanted all to ourselves every single day. Then again, I'd probably just miss my kids.

  14. I love the hours when my kids are at school. And I guard them very selfishly, except for the things I have to do (like grocery shopping and other errands). I don't often do housework during those hours.

    When I hear women say that about not knowing what they'll do when their kids go to school, I just want to hand them a stack of books.

  15. I can't remember ANYTHING before kids...you mean, there was such a time?

  16. Sleep.

    My youngest will be starting preschool in the fall. He will attend two days a week for two hours each day.

    I would love to spend the time shopping, going out to lunch with friends, shopping........

    I will end up using that time volunteering at the elementary school.
    My older children are in the gifted & talented program at our school. The parents of such children are required to volunteer in their classrooms each week.
    Required to volunteer?
    That sounds like an oxymoron.

  17. I admire you so much because I don't dare to even think of it. Everything goes on hold when these buggers are home. I imagine it will be a bit better when they're all in school all day, but I'll probably spend those hours preparing for that 2nd shift of 3 til bedtime.

  18. If all my kids were in school, I think I would be spending all day exterminating stupid mice!

    It is amazing to me how much I relate to your posts.

  19. Thanks for the comment! And, there was a short period of time in which the boys would both let me read while nursing--I got to read all of HP7...then they resisted. I am nursing 2, so maybe that's why it's more difficult??
    And, you go, girl, with your 6 kids!! Go! Go! Go! I am just beyond maximum capacity with my 3. I guess we each have a different load limit?? ;)
    So, in answer to this quesion... I DO fantasize about what I would do with all the time on my hands if we weren't unschooling and all my kids were school-age... oh BOY!!!... I would sew, organize, clean, cook, run, frequent the thrift stores... hmmm, I guess all the same things I do while my kids ARE at home--it's just I would be able to FOCUS on those things! Hopefully as they get older and older I will get longer chunks of time to attend to those things I would like to be doing. But, damn, I would really miss them if they were gone at school all day!!

  20. My youngest starts kindergarten this fall and I don't have any fears about how I'll spend my days.

  21. Last night I waited for the kids to go to bed so I could have my favorite treat...strawberries with chocolate poured over them. Have you had the cup of chocolate that you microwave and then you are "suppose" to dip the strawberries in and then let them harden? I personally spread my strawberries on a baking sheet and just pour the chocolate on, goes alot faster and taste the same!

    Have a great day!

  22. I spent most of my time avoiding doing the housework, to achieve this takes effort and willpower...

    ...I read books while slumped on the sofa, watch rubbish daytime t.v while baking high calorie cakes, play tennis (a lot) oooh, and don't forget the huge amount of valuable blogging time (it's cheaper than therapy).

    My life sounds sooo exciting does it not?
    But I'm making the most of lazydom - work begins in ernest this summer, I will have to haul myself out of 'retirement' - what a grim shock that will be!

  23. I plan on going to the bathroom without someone calling me to get the phone or to come to the door or for a ride somewhere or to help with some home repair or to see if jeans are really considered a "dark" color for laundry or to solve the latest teen crisis (big pimple or something that important) or... Well, I am tired already so maybe some sleep would be good too.

  24. I would sleep. Oh, how I'd sleep! I'd make it an art form. I only have 1 in school, 4 days a week, half days. They'll all be in private school, though, over 20 minutes away. Driving to & from takes up half the "free time"!
    I noticed a neighbor of mine this morning, at EIGHT THIRTY, in her doorway in her jammies, waiving to her 2 sons as they climbed in their bus at the end of her driveway!! Ohhhh, the jealousy - the SHEER ENVY... but then, what would I be giving up?!

  25. My youngest graduates high school in *three months*. She's moving out. I'm moving into a smaller place: big enough for me and my books and a real studio, small enough that nobody can move back home, closer to The Bitties.

    I recently joined an informal dinner group for singles my age and of my faith. We have March pretty well planned out.

    I've been momming 24/7 for thirty years this July. I'm ready to kick back and just be Gram.

    And as for Twix, that's my drug-of-choice. I commend your excellent taste!

  26. Neat question. My only child is in first grade and each year I though - gee I'll finally have time to...(fill in the blank)

    But you know what? I don't seem to ever find the TIME. I work - so that is a big part/chunk of my day but I work for myself so you would think I'd have tons of free time to scrapbook, do yoga, run but I don't.

    Truth be told - being busy beats the alternative. I miss my "baby" and I am the one who needs to cut the stings more then her.

    So...enjoy those kiddos because before long they do grow up, they need you less and then you'll be finding all kinds of things to fill the little cracks in your heart!

    Have a good one!

  27. Six hours a day Unimaginable. I'd be forced to divide between the utilitarian and the divine: cleaning/organizing/schlep and writing/reading - in that order.

    I do have time while my kids are in school but the job sucks up much of that. Thankfully, my job requires very little of my brain so there's still plenty of time for the cleaning/organizing/schlep and a slice of the divine!