Monday, September 29, 2008

Love And Marriage...

Well! Things are looking up. I'm feeling better, no one has thrown up (yet), and my husband is still speaking to me, despite our fun weekend of sick wife - jetlagged husband interactions. Of course, what Larry said when he spoke to me was that he is going away on yet another management retreat next week; so now I'm not speaking to him. He'll be coming back on his birthday, and I'm going to be all Cake? What cake? Who are you again?

I wonder if I can send back his birthday present. I'll tell him it went on a permanent retreat.

Because, did I mention, he is going away again after that. Yeah. I really think he doesn't like me anymore.

But, hey, I get to go out tonight, because I am driving the orchestra carpool this week. That translates into 2 and a half hours of sitting around and knitting in peace and quiet while I wait to bring the orchestra kids back home. And I am still immature enough to hope that, if our young ones are going to get sick, they start throwing up while I'm out.

But enough about my petty little problems - how about that Congress, eh? Suddenly we are in the middle of a combination Civics and Economics unit study here (homeschooling-wise), and we are learning more than we ever wanted to know about how a lack of corporate accountability combined with a political stalemate can bring down our economy.

Time for a compromise, fellas! Get to work! It's what we pay you the big bucks for.


  1. I'm going to share my secret birthday cake recipe. It involves driving to the bakery...

  2. Not very happy to see politics as usual played out in the middle of a very serious and time-sensitive issue--dh called me today in an absolute snit about the lack of compromise and cooperation---

    But it does make for some smokin' homeschool lessons--

    Hope you're not pukey--although, I always try to think of it as a very effective short term diet....


  3. It seems that our illustrious representatives are split pretty much on political lines: those in a close race for re-election voted "no", and those secure in their jobs voted "yes". Kinda makes you say, "Hmmm."

    (Oh, and how do I sign up for this orchestra carpool boondoggle?!)

  4. Pretty scary this whole political stuff! And I hear you when you see this orchestra carpool duty as an evening out. Don't we get pathetically desperate sometimes? (that we settle for that as a night out..)

  5. Get the cake, but let the children all have a piece before you present it.

  6. This is the only time in my life that I think they should level the playing field and give everyone in the US the same salary. Maybe things would look differently to those in charge.

  7. So timely a lesson:) I appreciate your hope that they empty all sick guts on someone else's watch.

  8. Amen sista. We all work hard. Shouldn't our representatives too?

  9. Gotta say - I miss the days when my husband careful what you wish for!

  10. I agree. Get along boys, and yes, make those millionaires cough some of it up to pay for their screw ups. As for the husband, when mine has to leave I cook all the food he hates but I love, rent movies he would hate but I would love, etc. etc. Then it seems like I'm the one who got away from him.

  11. I am so glad no one is puking. How do you teach your children to be responsible with their money if the adults in the government are unable to do that?

  12. Costco has yummy cakes. And I posted a humorous piece on love and marriage the other day. Go read and enjoy (this is really for your post about love and marriage, but I'm tired to make all the appropriate clicks right now...I'm trying to be ecomonical with my energy, lol)



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