Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ha, Ha, You Still Don't Know How I'm Voting (And Neither Do I)

I'm taking my time posting today, because I just don't think that any of you will be that excited about what I am excited about. Which is, I cleaned off one of my counters that has been covered with junk since I got back from vacation, oh, over 2 weeks ago. Namely, a 2-gallon drink cooler, a 1/2-bushel market basket, scads of gallon-size freezer bags that I keep meaning to reuse, assorted napkins and dishtowels that people insist on leaving there, 2 leftover loot bags from Rachel's party a month ago, and assorted other junk. And you know what? It was downright energizing! I felt empowered!

And now? The counter is covered again. But at least it's different stuff.

Time for a news round-up. First off, good news, fellow hypochondriacs! We've got even more to worry about! That irritating sore in your mouth that's been there a while? It might be cancer! That stiffness in my joints that I was chalking up to middle age? It might be cancer! Isn't that great?

Oh, and here's something interesting: someone named "Bush" is announcing some planned troop reductions. Bush? Bush who? I watched the Republican convention all Thursday night, and I don't remember hearing that name at all. And, in case any of you, like me, were confused as to what those protesters were yelling in the hall during Senator McCain's speech, it was "You can't win an occupation!" That would be correct. The Israelis have already learned that. Or, rather, are still learning that. Slowly. Painfully slowly. I hope we turn out to be faster learners.


Okay, I'll admit it - I've got a few problems with how people are acting lately. Governor Palin seems competent enough, intelligent enough, and she certainly gives the Republican ticket a more youthful air. But her fans? Good Lord, they scare me. For all you lovely ladies (and yes, it is the women) who are energetically defending your idol, CALM DOWN! Even if some of us like - admire, even - Governor Palin, we still may not vote for her ticket; either because we disagree on some issues or we feel someone else is more qualified in areas that are important to us. But this isn't a high school popularity contest, girls. You can't just take the people who disagree with your candidate behind the gym and beat them up. Verbally or otherwise. It makes you look bad.

Um, Governor Palin? That goes for you, too.

And, Republicans? Listen, all those people who aren't Republicans are still Americans. I know you don't like that fact, but there it is. Truly, your convention was an exhibit in fearmongering and "us v. them-ism" that was not appropriate for a candidate of the moral stature of John McCain. In other words, JOHN MCCAIN DESERVES BETTER than that show you put on last week.

But then again, he let you do it. So maybe he doesn't.


  1. Ay-yay-yay. It has gotten crazy, hasn't it?

  2. I'm excited, really. I know what it feels like to finally clear a counter...really, I am happy for you.

    And I like Sara Palin...a lot. But I do get irritated with the media (i.e. the entertainment news) commenting on how she dresses and her hairstyles. Don't they have anything else to write about?

  3. i'm so excited i even joined a facebook group named "i have more foreign policy experience than gov. palin" and it's true :-D hey, i could run for VP! what a prospect.

    any tips on how to clear a desktop? my colleague is very neat and tidy and compared to hers mine looks like a mess...which makes me feel like a mess...advice needed.


  4. I can't stand Palin. I'm not a fan of "Pitbulls in Lipstick." I've met the type of PTA and sports mom she is (having spent many, many years as as PTA and sports mom myself) she is many times. They are not consensus builders--they're "my way or the highway."

    I'm a staunch Democrat who never would have voted for McCain--I did used to like and respect him though. Not any more. I will say I still like Cindy McCain quite a bit.

  5. lifestartsnow - Ha, ha, ha - I should post a picture of this computer desk. It's worse than my refrigerator.

  6. I love your political observations. lifestartsnow, McCain's VP doesn't need foreign policy experience, because he has loads of it. Obama's VP needs foreign policy experience, because Obama is lacking there. Together, the Presidential and VP candidates attempt to make a complete set of skills.

    One of the strangest symptoms of this pregnancy is recurring sores on my tongue. The OB said it's because my immunity is low, and that's how the viruses are hitting me. When everyone else in the family has a cold, my tongue hurts. Now you've got me worried, though.

  7. Congrats on your counter. It's a never-ending battle at my house.

  8. Yes, it's a very confusing time for us non-affiliated voters. Still don't know who's scarier TBH.

  9. I cleaned off my counter in the kitchen last week AND my desk. For the first time in four years, i can see the tops! YEA!!!

    I don't think I needed another link for medical issues to worry about. Right now I'm worrying that the bruise on Chickie Girls back (which is probably from her brother wrestling her to the ground) is some type of cancer.

    I plead no comment on politics :)

  10. Yeah, I agree with you. It would be nice if we could co-op-er-ate. Maybe we should all be watching Sesame Street reruns.

    Bush? Bush who? Hah! I was just talking with Nacho the other night that it must suck to be president right now because absolutely no one is paying you any attention. Hmmm, come to think of it, that could be a little dangerous.

    Also, I'm thinking of fixing my hair like Sarah Palin, and maybe I will fool people into thinking I'm more assertive and less wimpy.

  11. I love this post, yo. But not Palin's hair. Remember Alice on the Brady Bunch? Yes, I went there.

    Elections bring some people together and polarize others. (Cue Kumbaya in background.) I don't think it has to be that way. We can use our blogs to share information in a powerful and meaningful way, and when we disagree with someone's point of view, we can do it respectfully.

    Or make snarky hair comments.

    Either way.

  12. I like most Republicans just fine, but I don't like Palin's politics one bit.

    I don't care that she's got five kids, I don't care about her family dynamics-her personal life is not mine to judge. Unless the press uncovers that she is an adulterer and then you know how I can get.

  13. Some of my best friends are Republicans. I'm talking about whoever engineered that convention. The attitude was frightening and divisive.

  14. I won't even WATCH conventions...and that includes the ones my husband is working. If I go with him (which I generally don't), I'll hang out at the hotel pool instead. Or more likely, the hotel business center, visiting blogs.

  15. Funny how things are seen with whatever views we tend to lean towards. I felt like the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC convention was so anti-Republican. I felt like it was an us vs them. I did not feel that it was inviting nor welcoming nor uniting. AT ALL. I can see why Democrats could see that about the Republican convention, too. But, neither convention is really for that purpose, is it? Isn't it more of a pep rally for the party? Or so they seem to have swayed, anyway...

    I can't wait for this election to be over and then I hope we as a country will back and support and show respect to our commander in chief no matter who it is. Becuase the lack of respect for the current one disgusts me. Not saying that he doesn't deserve some criticism, but we wouldn't treat our parents or our family or our bosses the way he gets treated and ridiculed. In fact, most of us wouldn't treat or talk to the commander of some of our country's enemies the way we treat and speak of him. Seriously. I just try to show everyone respect.

    Anyway, that's my rant...


  16. It's a good rant, Angie. Hopefully, whichever candidate squeaks into office with 51 percent of the vote will have the sense to acknowledge publicly that almost half of the people who voted did not vote for him. And that he will take their concerns into consideration. That's something President Bush never did; he declared he had a mandate for his policies, which was untrue and which made a lot of people feel resentful and unheard.

    And, yes, the conventions are a lot like pep rallies. But they can be done without demonizing the people on the other side. You can attack policies, rather than people.

  17. With our crazy transition into Fall, I'm terribly 'behind' on my blog reading. Nevertheless, I'm just jumping in where everybody is. Good to be reading your "life" again!

  18. Interesting enough, and surprising to me, at least, is that Palin's scoring higher with men than with women.

  19. The two high spots of the Rep. convention for me...

    1. The guy with the "You can't win an occupation" sign. I'll be voting for him, thank you very much. :)

    2. Piper Palin's spit bath of her little brother. The funniest part for me was how she started out licking one finger real daintily and carefully smoothing a little piece of his hair. Then it was like "The heck with THAT, this 'do needs some serious product!"

    Suzy, you have a higher view of the male species than I do, I guess. :) I think a significant portion of Palin's male supporters are just looking at her and going "Hell yes, she can take me moose hunting any time!"

  20. Thanks SC. I'm normally not hypochondriacal but now every mouth sore and sore joint will be closely scrutinized. DH thanks you too as now he will have to listen to rants on how I could be dying.

    As for politics, I really wish there was a way to vote and not vote for anyone but not through my vote away on a third party candidate. All the slurs hurled back and forth between the two do nothing to improve my faith in them.

  21. Beth - Piper spit bathing Trig was my favorite part too!

  22. Great before you know it....the fact that my left boob is bigger than my right boob will maybe,possibly mean I have cancer too...

  23. I've been watching reruns of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the internet, to get his take on the conventions. They're HILARIOUS! He has a knack for pointing out the evil ironies of politics and making us laugh at the same time. Some of the ensemble cast's humor gets a little crude, but his own commentary is a total hoot!!

    Congratulations on putting out that hot spot on the counter! I swear, I'm just going to put a dumpster in the house somewhere, and put anything that I have to deal with later right into the trash...

  24. You cleaned your counter top? How did you know where all the stuff there really belonged? That's the excuse the kids give me when they unload the dishwasher- "I didn't know where it belongs"...

  25. Actually, I don't know where it belongs - I dumped everything in a box that is now sitting on my dining room hutch.

  26. I don't know who will get my vote either, and when I do decide I still won't share. Personal policy that I have and all.
    I am not affiliated with any party because I don't like either side enough to join them.

    At least you have counters. I have MacGuyvered Kitchen.

  27. "You can't just take the people who disagree with your candidate behind the gym and beat them up. Verbally or otherwise. It makes you look bad."

    Amen sista!