Friday, May 08, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Today was notable in that it didn't rain. Also, I found where the ants were pouring in through the outside brick wall of our house and thence up through the walls and through the floorboards of my computer desk. I sprayed the heck out of the entry point. Emptied the bottle, really...

It felt good. Darn ants...

Our dishwasher has not yet magically fixed itself. What's up with that?

The kids are all excited because the ice cream truck with the free samples will be parked in front of Harris Teeter tomorrow. We are making a special trip just for that. See how important it is to keep their expectations low? This event is way cheaper than taking them to Disneyworld. And a lot less hassle...

Larry's fixing to leave me again next week. So you can bet I'm going to milk this Mother's Day weekend for all it's worth. Suggestions?


  1. I'm sadly, fresh out of ideas.

  2. I think he should give you a gift card to buy as much yarn as you want, then take the kids to get the free ice cream so you can knit in peace. After that, he should get you a new dishwasher.
    There should probably be some form of chocolate involved too.

  3. Make him massage your back for an hour while the kids serve you sangria and feed you grapes. ;-)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Ants breathe through their skeletons, and if you clog their pores with soapy water, they suffocate. Plus the soap messes with their scent trail so the ones coming after don't know where to go to come in.

  5. Don't get out of bed! Stay in there as long as possible. Make sure you at least eat all your meals in there, and bark orders occasionally about cleaning up the kitchen.

    Spend Mother's Day trying to forget you're a mother.

  6. Make him take everyone out for the whole day--there's nothing like being alone in your own house. Just you and the ants.

  7. I say fake sickness... on mothers day you are expected to get out of bed at some point and do something or other... if you are too sick to get out of bed then they have to feed themselves, dress themselves, etc. Just start sobbing whenever they come in the room, or ask them to clean out your chuck bucket (they wont come close enough to realise it's actually empty), I guarantee you a day of rest and realxation. And they may even feel sorry enough for you that you missed out on Mothers day because you were sick that they'll do the "traditional" mothers day on another day :)

  8. Mine went golfing with the guys one Mother's Day weekend. Brought me a gift - a golf was wrapped in the plastic bag from the pro shop. I do not play golf.

    I went out and bought a very sharp knife which I did not use on him, but vigorously used it on an unsuspecting innocent carrot.

  9. Hello, I enjoy reading your posts every day and all of them are interesting and funny. But the part about the ants is really good! I have just noticed ants walking up my walls and I can totally relate to what you are saying -darn ants.

  10. My kids like to visit the Disney store at the mall...they call it Disney Land! I think I did a good job on that one...espacially because we rarely buy anything...just visit and look at stuff and watch the big TV!
    Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!
    Blessings, E

  11. Ants! Ug. Impossible creatures to get rid of.

    Free Ice cream? I think my first Mother's Day wish would be to get the hubby to take the kids to that event. I bet it will be a zoo!

  12. Carpoolqueen is cracking me up.

    Have a very Happy Mother's Day.

  13. Did you save enough points to eat some of that free ice cream?
    I'm trying (for the 2nd year in a row) to get my guys to take me to the state arboretum. It's only $10 per carload and there are activities for the kids and plants and flowers galore for me to enjoy. We'll see if it happens or not... it runs from 9am to 4:30pm, and I won't be done with church until 12:30pm.
    So maybe I'll just take a nap instead?

  14. Detest ants! Just got those little ant hotels today to kill the suckas! Tis the season....

    Maybe you can get dinner made, a new dress and have him throw in a foot rub, just for good measure.

  15. Chocolate. That would be my gift of choice. :-)



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