Monday, May 25, 2009

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Today was Susie's birthday and I've decided to spare y'all a picture of the cake. You're welcome. She received several presents, among them a pack of M&M's, a Hershey bar (with almonds), and a small carton of iced animal cookies. Also, a plastic pail and shovel and a coloring book, all from the dollar aisle at Target.

I know, I know, we spoil her. She is, after all, the baby of the family.

The bicycle from Grandma and Grandpa has not yet materialized. I couldn't bring myself to buy the Dora the Explorer model. I haven't sunk quite that far yet. Give me another day or two, all right?


It's raining again. I don't mind the rain so much, but I do mind Susie peeing in her rainboots. It gets old.


Remember Larry's plans for a flagstone patio? Apparently, one of our neighbors complained to the local housing association that our backyard has been an unsightly mess for a year now. I wish I knew who it was, so that I could thank him/her. I should have a finished patio within a month.

And, no, it wasn't me who complained. But it wouldn't have been a bad idea.


  1. Okay, I just read the patio post again, and you seriously need to come out here for a visit! 400 square feet for a backyard? Our house sits on nearly an acre, with plenty of trees to climb, horseshoes to injure each other, and a firepit for roasting mashmallows. The creek is just down the road past the neighbor's house, although they let us traipse through their property to get to it. That sort of makes up for the perpetual piles of junk in their driveway.

  2. Ah, yes, but ours is a townhouse cluster. There are several acres for the kids to run around on, complete with neighbor kids to play with. And I need close-by neighbors to mooch off of, you know.

  3. It sounds like you have some nasty note writing neighbors too!!
    We did mow our lawn after the nasty note was left in our mailbox, but I haven't been able to weed the flowerbeds for a while. (I'm kind of hoping to get another nasty letter about that in the mailbox too)

    Perhaps you should clean out your back yard by moving it all into the front yard. That's how my kids clean their rooms, they move everything from the floor to the closet, from the closet to under the bed, from under the bed to the floor, from the floor to.......

    Have you tried Wal Mart for the bike? They're inexpensive, and some of them come already assembled.
    Don't buy the Dora bike, you'll never forgive yourself. (even if it does come with brakes)

  4. Nasty neighbors...

    Or was it you? Huh? huh? Come on, tell me.

  5. I find that having a large party is a great impetus for finishing home improvements. I got an new 100 square foot brick patio (in addition to the patio we already have--we're trying to eat grass on behalf of the drought) in a single weekend.

  6. LOL at your last line. Nothing like a little outside pressure to light a fire under him!

    (and yay that you didn't buy the Dora bike!)

  7. AnonymousMay 26, 2009

    Why would anyone care what your backyard looks like? Anyhow, I'm glad they called if you're glad. Just seems odd, some people are so nosy.

  8. We got a letter once from the HOA because I parked the mower on the side of the house, while I went in for a drink of water - I wasn't finished yet. Also, we often get notes from the police department about leaving the garage door open. Very risky business, apparently.

    At least your patio will get finished. Once upon a time I had to be the one finishing ours.

  9. AnonymousMay 26, 2009

    yay to the no-dora-bike-yet.

    and double-yay to the neighbor who helped you get the patio you want. come on be honest, you wish it would have been your idea, right???? ;-)


  10. Honestly, the way your mind works you should be in the highest levels of our government. Can't wait to see the patio!

  11. AnonymousMay 27, 2009

    Peeing in her boots? Like, it leaks into them or she actually squats and makes the effort deliberately?
    So pleased to hear your patio is done. You must bake brownies for the block and invite them over to see:)

  12. peeing in her boots? too funny, she would fit in great here at my house.

  13. At least she didn't pee in her dad's hat, or a cup and hand it to her little brother... The older boys also used to pee into plastic lids and plastic boxes (not to mention walls, see my post from about a week ago). Finally, one day I'd had it. I told them if they did it again, I would make them bathe in it. They didn't believe me. Next time it happened, I took off their clothes, set them in the tub, and poured all the pee all over them. Then I gave them a bath. Surprisingly enough, they thought that was really gross (wasn't sure they were capable of thinking that) and they never ever peed into anything except the toilet again. On a side note, the subject came up recently and neither one remembered peeing into all those things, but they did remember me pouring pee all over them. Great! I'm the wacko mom who tortured them for no good reason, pouring pee all over them...
    AND the second coming of Christ may just be imminent- my husband started finishing the kitchen floor yesterday, too!