Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Men Are From Sparta

I've been a bit under the weather the past few days; but I have soldiered on nonetheless, fashioning costumes, cleaning bathrooms, eating Snickers. You would think my stoicism in the face of illness would be appreciated around here, no?  Maybe even generate a little sympathy? 

But no - this morning I came downstairs to find that my beloved has left this article on my browser:

Exercise 'can prevent a cold', a study shows

I'm thinking Larry just likes to kick me when I'm down. 

[image credit: Positive Nation]


  1. My dh likes to send stuff like that in an e-mail. Could Larry and SuperDad be related?

    Hope you feel better soon. (Hot lemon water with whiskey works.)

  2. I actually buy this. I've noted for years that I get fewer colds than most people and I do exercise. I also find that light exercise makes me feel better when I'm congested.

    But I really like sound of the 'eating Snickers' treatment...I may need to try that one next time. :)

  3. Because all the WORK you do as a MOM doesn't constitute exercise, right?
    Your post title is perfect today.

  4. I walked to the polling place this morning, but my cold didn't go away.

    Love the title of this post.

  5. That information is not at all helpful when you are ALREADY sick.

  6. I think you are a trooper!!! When would you get time for "Formal" exercise? With all the running around we do I don't see it is happening. Larry needs a kick in the shins!! Just sayin'.

  7. Ha! I don't believe it. I excercised last week and then got a cold. I'm blaming the excercise. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. So, he's going to "watch the kids" while you go to yoga class? (Sometimes, I take too much Nyquil and have this hallucination myself.)

  9. Great. Take him for a jog and then before dinner, lick his fork. Where's your exercise now, Larry?

  10. Pfffft. My SO exercises every morning for 30 minutes. And yet, he is the one with the cold and the snoring and the annoying clearing the throat.

  11. You can tell him from me..I work out everyday. 60 mins. of lifting and I run or hike a minimum of 30 minutes a day and I still get colds!!
    It's my dang 4 kids they are contagious!!!
    So tell him to take your kids away for a week and you will be all better!! LOL

  12. Wait, isn't he the one who was sick recently?



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