Sunday, November 21, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I'd like to blog, but my eyes are doing something weird and producing flashing lights when I try to focus on the computer screen.  I assume it's eyestrain.  Either that, or some sort of fatal retinal dysfunction...

On the bright side, this new infirmity renders me incapable of researching my symptoms online - meaning, I can't fan the flames of my ever smoldering hypochondria.  Aren't I lucky?

Anywhoo, off I go to commence my pre-Thanksgiving fridge cleanout - I need to fit a turkey in there somehow.  See you tomorrow (I hope)!  With pictures!

[Image credit: EHow]


  1. Honey, those are the twinges of a MIGRAINE. Get thyself to the medicine cabinet ASAP!

    A recent victim of fatal retinal dysfunction (sorta)

  2. Might be a weird migraine. Sometimes they manifest as flashing lights instead of actual pain.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Ooh. I gotta go with the others. The only time I've ever had flickering in my vision, it was the start of a migrane. It was a nice circle right in the center of my line of vision.

    Or, alternativel, maybe you slept with your arm over your eyes and temporarily squashed your eyeball.

    Time will tell. Good luck!!!

  4. Flashing lights?
    My guess is that it's aliens.

    Maybe they'll eat your leftovers.

  5. I have a partial vitreal detachment, that causes flashing lights. But when I called my eye doctor, they had me come in right away, because it can be a sign of retinal detatchment. If it were me, I would check right away. But I would DIE if I couldn't see, because then I couldn't read. Let me know what they say.

  6. Retinal dysfunction can be FATAL? Oh dear...

  7. I've had that happen and I'm still alive, but it does tend to drive me to a nap. Because if I can't be on the computer, what else is there to do?

  8. Ummm, how about if you go to a doctor so we can quit worrying about you?!

  9. Wasn't there an early SNL skit with John Belushi and Jane Curtin about a "lens beetle" that would infested the human eye? Why travel far from your phobias for an explanation.

  10. I think you should claim that you're going blind and have the family cook Thanksgiving dinner for you. It's worth a try!