Friday, November 12, 2010

Take My Chocolate...Please

My best friend brought me a bowl of fun-size Snickers that she raided from her kids' Halloween stash. Apparently, she hates me.


I should be helping my kids finish their schoolwork from this past week; but instead I am letting them play Monopoly in the family room while I blog and tweet (and, um, eat fun-size Snickers) upstairs.  That is just all kinds of wrong.


Did I mention I let them have candy when they land on Free Parking?


Maybe I should give them the Snickers.


I've been indulging my inner crocheter lately, in a desperate attempt to finish a newborn baby blanket for a grand-nephew who is already over 2 months old.  So my friend Carol (she of the ascerbic wit) went all knitting-snob on me and accused me (ON FACEBOOK) of succumbing to the lure of crocheted toilet paper covers.  Now, tell me - was a public shaming really necessary?


Just wait 'til she sees this crocheted cow toaster cover I'm making...

That bucket is a nice touch, isn't it?  Lends authenticity to the crochet motif, I'm thinking.  But why does it say "Moo?"  In case we didn't realize we were looking at a cow?  And since when does a cow milk herself anyway?


Okay, don't google crochet toaster cover images - things get really weird really fast.  Maybe Carol is right and I should pull myself back from the brink before it's too late.

[Cow credit: Cute Crochet]

[Car credit:]


  1. Is that really a crochet-covered smart car? Someone really has too much time on their hands. I suppose it could be worse - could be a Suburban.

  2. That Smart car is definitely taking it a little too far. Maybe it should be painted to look like a Snickers bar?

  3. OMG! That Smart car is hilarious! Have you got an idea where I could get the instructions to make one for my own car? Winter is coming fast here!

  4. I'll swap you my kit*kats for your snickers. I stole all my kid's and I seriously have just about made myself sick.

  5. So of course when you said, don't google it, I did. lol. What is with the one that looks like a toaster, with toast coming out. A bit redundant, don't you think? lol

  6. But that car looks so Smart-ly at-tired!

  7. By the way, thanks to you, I found myself lost in googleville and came across instructions on how to make polymer-clayed crochet hooks:

  8. Saw this and thought of you...

  9. Here are some cool Angry Bird Beanies to wear while driving the car.