Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not Dead Yet...

...just busy cooking.  Cranberry bread  today, stuffing and cranberry sauce tomorrow, turkey and potatoes the next day.  Also?  Food shopping - I managed to visit 2 grocery stores today, one yesterday. 

If Thanksgiving were some sort of athletic event, I would definitely be a contender.


  1. Tomorrow is my big cooking day--luckily my 20-year old son will be helping every step of the way.

    Mmmm, cranberry bread!

  2. Think of the size of your biceps--all the stirring and whipping and folding and basting--you've trained for this, baby!

  3. And I'm not even cooking anything! (Except for a cheesecake with sour cherry sauce which is already made and in the fridge...minus the whipped cream and sour cream topping which I must remember to make before we leave this afternoon...)

    Happy thanksgiving!

  4. Same here. I understand.
    Off to make those pies I promised to have done today. (I braved Costco earlier and laughed that so many people were purchasing pies instead of making them... after all, they are so easy to make! I'm a little envious of those people now.)