Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day Directions

Follow these steps:

1. Mittens, snowboots, hats;

2. Sleds and shovels and snowmen;

3. Cocoa with cookies.

Repeat until exhausted.  (The parent, that is - the kids just keep on going...)

[Snowman credit: Ahoy, Hanoi!]


  1. Where's the 'like' button?

  2. I remember those days from our years in Washington State. There weren't very many of them but they made me happy to get back to California.

  3. I like yours better than mine.

    Mine went this way: wake up with husband, send out door with coffee, breakfast, and lunch. Wake up early bus rider, snuggle with him, and have him get himself out the door while mom goes back to sleep.
    Wake up when 9th grader yells "Snow Day!" at 10am. Note that both high schoolers have just overslept. Get call from school district that says we have 2-hour early release. Call school absentee line and say that 9th and 12th graders are absent due to illness. Fail to say that the illness is the mother's. Assign bathroom cleaning duties to high schoolers.
    Drink lots of tea and take another 3 hour nap.
    Pull out tree decorations and let kids decorate tree. Have husband come home and get mad that
    1) the driveway isn't shoveled, and
    2) kids overslept and wife did, too.

  4. What does it mean that I'm exhausted just reading it?

  5. It means it's a good thing for you that your kids are teen-aged and up!

  6. That is the recipe--you only forgot "mop wet floors after re-entry."

  7. You know? I really miss the snow during the holidays. I would take it over the rains of Northern California any day of the week. But I would take the sun of Hawaii over ANYTHING AT ANYTIME. Now. How can I get there?

  8. You have to either shovel it or play in it. You've chosen the better way, grasshopper!!

  9. My kids also cleaned 2 of the 3 kids rooms and played on the pc's, as well as playing outside in the snow. They might have been warmer if they could find their boots. However, they still haven't finished cleaning out the van from our unplanned trip to NY for MIL's funeral Thanksgiving week. I found 5 pairs of boots under the rear van seats this afternoon before I left for work. :)

  10. Oh, the mud. My eye is twitching just thinking about all the mud that gets tracked in with the snow. Maybe I don't want it to snow after all.

  11. My goofy kids get mad and cry when there's a foot of snow and they have to miss school. And I get mad because I want a day of peace and quiet!

  12. I love your snow day directions.:-) I'm certain my kids will agree with this.:-)Thanks for sharing.:-)



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