Friday, December 03, 2010

Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Fred Flintstone, and Me

Well, Sarah has solved for me the riddle of the mysteriously increasing blog stats - apparently, as she informed me in the comments yesterday, everyone on Facebook is searching the Internet for images of their favorite childhood cartoon characters to use for their profile pictures.

Now, a lesser person than moi would undoubtedly try to take advantage of this situation, perhaps even attempt to optimize their search whatevers to extract even more traffic from this profile-picture craze.  Imagine!  Posting random cartoon character pictures on your blog just to attract more "eyeballs," as the Internet folk call it!  And even (on the advice of a certain computer-savvy teen)  listing the character names - Bugs Bunny, say, or Tweety Bird or Fred Flintstone  - all to improve the page's meta http equivalence...or something like that...

I swear, such money-grubbing opportunists are making all us Internet hacks look bad.  How will I ever be taken seriously as an artist again?

On the other hand, I could really use some extra yarn money...

[Bugs Bunny image credit:]

[Tweety Bird image credit:]

[Fred Flintstone image credit:]


  1. You mean to tell me it wasn't really to raise awareness for CHILD ABUSE??? * rolls eyes *

  2. No one told me it was about child abuse awareness (I saw that on your twitter feed after the fact). My 15yo told me that I was supposed to post a picture of my favorite Pokemon. I chose Jigglypuff.