For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Why the British freak me out...

(Gah - can't get it to embed properly - you'll have to click on over - it's worth it)


  1. We watched this last night. Now the kids run around going "Allen! Allen! Allen!"

  2. "Steve!"

    Oh, Lord, that killed me. Also? The giraffes...

  3. I can't love that clip enough.

    I hope you are feeling better. ♥

  4. So funny! Thanks for the chuckle this morning. I'll never be able to go to my dentist without thinking of this.

  5. Sooo funny. Sent it to my kids - hope they don't have a hangover when they watch it...that could hurt.

  6. That was excellent! I love the dentist and the giraffes. Oh the squirrel beatbox -- that was awesome!

    Loved the Michael Jackson bird sorta moonwalking side to side. So much to love, what an excellent find!


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