Friday, December 03, 2010

The Wonder That Is The Internet

It is nothing short of amazing just how many people are searching for images of Wilma Flintstone.  And landing here...

So much for attempting to write sparklingly witty prose - all I needed to up my stats was a picture that appears on the first page of the Google image search results.  Silly me.


Oh, and since I didn't make it clear enough, our family (fingers crossed) does not seem to be suffering from parasitic vermin.  We were at risk, so I treated all the little kids' heads and washed all our bed linens, etc.  But so far?  So good.   Except for the nightmares , of course...


  1. The question is, are they the same people arriving here because they're searching for images of "wrinkled ladies"?

  2. The nightmares and the phantom itch if I remember correctly.

  3. I don't know how you're supposed to get people to land on your site, but you just keep giving them a nice place to land, which you do.

  4. As I was reading that post about the rotary phones I suddenly got all nostalgic about what a simpler time it was. All you had to do on a phone was TALK!

    I'd totally forgotten that we only had 7 numbers and I have no idea how I could have forgotten that.

  5. We were watching I Love Lucy last night - she was pretending to make a phone call, so she had her finger pressed down on that little button in the receiver cradle while she talked into the receiver - I'd forgotten you could do that.

    Also, my friend Carol is nostalgic for the days when phones were heavy enough to be used to bludgeon someone.

  6. It's a Facebook thing. You're supposed to find an image of your favorite childhood cartoon character ;)

  7. Thank goodness you escaped the bloodsuckers.
    Imagine the hits if you'd have posted a picture of Don Draper!

  8. I was told it was Pokemon character month on facebook. Of course, my son didn't bother to tell me this. And I've been too busy having phantom itch and nightmares just reading about your (so far, imaginary) brush with lice.

  9. You really want to up your stats? Put up a photo of Lindsay Lohan. Just some friendly advice.



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