Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 - Year of the Legos


Does that look like the future to anyone else?  2011 - It blows my mind.

Oh, and that particular New Year's greeting was created by Brian, who dreams in Legos...


  1. I prefer his vision of the future to what I am seeing right now.

  2. We will all be paid in legos, live in lego houses, and consume lego foods. Good Job, Brian!

  3. Yeah, I thought we'd be driving personal space ships by now.

    On an unrelated note I took up knitting a couple of months ago. Any advice for someone who is going insane trying to finish sock #2? I'm never knitting a pair of anything again!

  4. Nice Lego work!
    I'm still grousing about us not having personal jet packs in this new millennium...

  5. @jennie w. - if you really hate doing the second of anything, try knitting two at a time. You can do this by putting the socks on two circular needles (you put half the stitches from each sock on one needle and the other half from both socks on the other) or else use one circular needle with a really long cable. For mittens, you can do the same thing in the round, or else knit a pattern that is flat on straight needles (for flat mittens you have to seam up the back, so if you hate sewing, this isn't for you).

  6. I like it! 2011--bring it on.

  7. my three boys dream in legos, too. and their dreams are creating some serious storage issues ... hmmm, maybe i'll send them up (the legos, not the boys) so you can store them in your master bedroom walk-in closet?



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