Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weight Loss, Guy-Style

Sigh  - remember way back when, when I was so excited about my new job?  You know, the whole set-your-own-hours, work-from-home thing?  Well, it's a lot less exciting near the end of the contract period when I realize that maybe - just maybe - I haven't been setting enough hours.


So, as the clock runs down, I've been working extra this past month, with little to no time left over for my precious blogging (which pastime, as Larry keeps reminding me, does not provide much in the way of financial remuneration - as opposed to, say, MY JOB).

I miss you.  All of you. 

To add insult to my wage-slave misery, Larry made an announcement today:

Cute, isn't he?  Unlike Larry...
L: I've lost 3 pounds this week!


L: Isn't that great?


L: What?

One wonders where Larry has been the last 5 years; apparently he wasn't in residence as I assiduously lost the same 20 pounds over and over again, counting points, taking walks in order to earn a lousy apple, weighing in week after week after humiliating week.  How did Larry lose his 3 pounds?  Why, he used a rowing machine for a bit each morning...just came right off!  Isn't that great?

Sometimes, I wonder why I married a guy.

[Homer picture: PETA]
[Baby picture: PSAW India]


  1. I feel your pain! I swear all my husband has to do is say he's dieting and he starts losing weight. Sigh.

  2. I feel your misery and pain. My hubby has lost 5 this week. His first week ever dieting, the whole 17 years we have been married! His work is rewarding him for doing it. What do I get for my weight loss effort? Snotty teenager attitude. Because that is the reward for a job well done, where I work.

  3. My husband would be more understanding of blogging if I earned money, but at least he is a little impressed that I actually have readers!
    And I have taken huge amounts of satisfaction that at 47, he FINALLY weighs 20 pounds more than when we married. (We won't talk about how many more pounds I weigh now than 23 years ago...)

    Miss you, too. Come back soon!

  4. My wife lost 6. We'll see how she likes it when she loses 16 because I stop cooking for her, dammit.

  5. Work. It's such a drag.

  6. Well my husband just sat with me at the doctor this morning as she weighed me and informed me that I gained SIX pounds since my last check up 13 months ago... meanwhile he eats SO MUCH MORE THAN I DO...I just needed to vent that.. in his defense he does go running everyday... and he was very sweet to me as I looked in shock at the doctor...

  7. this is the sad, sad truth about losing weight: i will make a gazillion changes to lose a few pitiful pounds, and my husband will make one itty, bitty change (like having one bowl of cereal instead of two) and five pounds are gone ... just like that.

    heck, he just has to say the words "i need to cut back a little" and POW! the weight loss begins immediately.

    really, life can be so unfair.

  8. I know that weight dilemma. The husband and I were in a Biggest Loser contest with each other once (PSA - don't ever do this at home!) and the only way I even tied with him was hitting the stair climber 20 minutes after EVERY meal. Including snacks. And glasses of water. Him? Oh, he simply watched what he ate.

  9. My hubby took the news of my latest injury sort of, well, MEAN-LY.

    He said that he's going to TRADE ME IN on a new model.

    So I patted his very generous tummy, kissed him on the bald spot at the back of his head, and told him, "Good luck, Sweetie."

    I can't imagine what I was thinking when I married a guy, either.

    And now it's too late. No one else would have either one of us.