Saturday, January 22, 2011

Desperate Husband

For further proof that my husband will do absolutely anything to get away from me, Larry is off on a 2-night Boy Scout camping trip with David.  It's 15 degrees out, people.  He called me this afternoon and tried to act as though things were going just great.  "We're having grilled ham-and-cheese sandwiches right now!" he said, in the falsely cheerful tone usually reserved for ICU visits.

"Well," I said, trying to play along, "at least you don't have to worry about keeping the food cold."

"Actually, we had to put the food in the coolers just to warm it up."

Okay, that's COLD.

[Image credit: TerraDaily]

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  1. That is cold!!! My hubby did that a few years ago and he hauled up a big tent and a stove to keep it warm. They just about burned it down in the middle of the night. lol.
    I hope he comes home with all his parts.

  2. So cold, so cold, so cold that I feel like I"m going to die when I stand and fill up the gas tank.

  3. My wife keeps threatening to make us go camping. I hate ham.

  4. LOL. My step-son belonged to a
    outdoor club" when he was in high school. They went SNOW SHOEING in the Adirondaks for a week in January. The plus side...he learned to eat "frozen" food and to build a fire in a blizzard. ....that which does not kill us makes us stronger.... No thanks, I'll stick to pre-warming my bed with the electric blanket!

  5. That is not camping weather. Is cold weather camping a Boy Scout requirement?

    My heating system is struggling just to keep our *house* warm this weekend when it's 18 degrees out. I'd be whimpering if I had to spent two nights in a tent.

  6. I used to go winter camping when I was in college and just after.

    I used to be nuts. :-)

  7. That IS cold. Good grief.
    It was -12 when I drove to church this morning. I cursed the cold.

  8. Was this for the freeze-o-ree?

  9. I can't even begin to imagine it.

  10. They are nuts! I can't imagine camping when it is that cold.



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