Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You're Welcome

What's beautiful about blogging is realizing just how much we have to share with each other - sorrows, joys, life lessons learned.  And then, well, there is moi - I get to share vomit tips.   Anymommy was complaining about how much she dreaded the stomach flu, as she hated to have to puke into a pee-smelling toilet.  I informed her in the comment section that a much better option for the busy mother of several children is to remain standing and throw up into the kitchen sink (note: make sure said sink has a disposal to get rid of...well, you know...).

I mean, really, have you ever read that bit of advice in a parenting book?  I think not.  Believe me, that was a hard-won piece of knowledge. And - get this - Anymommy pronounced the idea "brilliant."  I am beyond flattered.  I'd no idea I had so much to offer the blogosphere.  Heloise, honey, move over - there's a new gal in town.


Well!  If that selection of barfing wisdom was worth anything to you, feel free to acknowledge your gratitude by voting for me over at Circle of Moms.  I'm still in it.  Sort of...

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  1. And may I add that you should throw half a lemon down the garbage disposal (at least once a month) but ESPECIALLY in this case. Get's rid of all smells.

  2. That may or may not fall under the category of "TMI".

    However, I'm amused that you've pulled well ahead of the Duggars - and they're on TV!

  3. I've been voting faithfully.

    I taught my toddlers to throw up in the bathtub--much bigger target and therefore much less likely to end up on the floor.

  4. I voted again! You're currently #12 out of 47... this puts you in the top 25%, right??

    I wish I had a disposal. As it is, we have ONE toilet and no disposal (we're on septic). You don't want to know what happens when multiple people get sick.

  5. Barficitous is the word.

  6. Excellent advice, especially since the man-pee smell of my toilets makes me want to vomit even if I am not sick.

  7. I just don't throw up. I'm too stubborn. I don't want to think about this, though. We all had Noro Virus (in varying forms) last December. The whole fricking month. And then March we all got the regular flu, one after the other. Man but I hate school. My younger son's k/1st classroom was a cesspool. Everything came home with him.

  8. Just be sure you vomit on the side without the strainer drain...that is, if it's the chunky type.

  9. Ah someone beat me to the "remove strainer" advice ;)



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