Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Appliance Mindgames

Where have I been?  I don't know.  But while I was gone, someone sent me an email claiming that I was top 25 something-or-other at Circle of Moms.  That's nice.  Then I clicked over there and saw there was voting going on and 3 people had voted for me.  I felt that was really good, considering I'm not even sure what the voting is for.  It could have been voting on which of the 25 should be kicked out of the blogosphere first.

Oh, wait - now I see - we're supposed to be competing for Top 25 big family blogs, I think.  The last thing I was invited to compete for was the Imperfect Parent Award, which only netted me a very gaudy trophy.   So I'm not sure it's even worth asking anyone to go on over and vote for me .  On the other hand, it's embarrassing to be sitting there with 4 votes (I just voted) while everyone else has more.  Sort of screams LOSER, you know?  I mean, I don't mind being a loser; but I don't need that fact shoved in my face, as it were. 

So, if you feel like it, vote.  I guess you can vote each day until the 3rd of October.  Why do they let people vote more than once?  Weird.  So I could just vote for myself every day and that would bring me up to a more respectable 23.  At least that's double digits.  Not bad...


I had something else to tell y'all, but my new-found manufactured fame up there has driven it from my mind.  Something witty, I bet; or else a trenchant observation on current events.  Or maybe I just wanted to tell you I won at Bunko last Monday, which is only fair as I had spent the entire day ignoring my children while attempting to make my home presentable for the evening's gambling activities.  I stuffed them full of Bunko goodies to ensure their cooperation, which tactic also eliminated the need for me to prepare a real supper.  Clever, I am...clever and desperate...


Oh, I remember!  Our dripping dishwasher?  It doesn't drip anymore.  Go figure.  We didn't tighten anything.  How can something just stop leaking all on its own?  Answers anyone?  We're in a quandary - we had never put the bottom panel back on after we installed it because Larry was planning on having to pull the whole thing out to fix the leak.  So now we don't know if we can safely put the panel on (and cut way down on the noise) or if the thing is going to start dripping again and cause a flood that we won't be able to see.

It's a trust issue, really - can we trust this appliance not to turn on us?  What do you think?


  1. I voted! I'll probably forget to vote again unless you put up random reminders, though. Good luck! As for the dishwasher, my advice is to never, ever trust an appliance. They're vicious and wait until the day you MUST have them working to die, explode or otherwise malfunction. My stove and microwave take turns dying during blizzards and/or ice storms. I'm waiting on the washer at this point... it's been leaving hints.

  2. Some piece of crud probably gunked up the point of the leak, and worked in your favor, at this point. How long will it last? Who knows, but who know when bad things will start with any appliance? I vote, put the panel back on, cut down the noise, and any flood will probably seep under the panel anyway, so you'll know.

    There, aren't I a cheerful voice? I'm gonna go vote for you.

  3. Can I just add that as I'm scrolling down the list of blogs, reading the blurb for each, I laughed out loud when I came to yours? Not all have descriptions, but most were along the lines of "Come see our family's journey as we deal with X kids and blah blah blah..."

    While yours was very succinct:
    "Kids! Vomit! Mice!"

    It's excellent.

  4. If the rubber seals were dry then they could leak until they were damp long enough to swell up. If it were me I would ignore it and hope for the best but that may be why I have so many appliance woes of my own:)

  5. Ignore the magic fix and thank the appliance gods for their mercy. That's my vote. My other vote went for your site;)

  6. Okay, this one falls within the level of my professional expertise. No, seriously. I used to work as a design engineer for a company that makes appliance seals. (Okay, I was actually in the automotive unit, but you can totally drive a dishwasher at 70 mph on the highway, right?)

    The rotating seal on the bottom of an dishwasher works by using a spring to press a rotating piece against a flat hard surface.

    Leakage can be caused by a bunch of different things, but the most likely one in this instance is that you mentioned the dishwasher wasn't heavily used in its old home.

    Actually having a dishwasher that isn't used very often isn't good for it, as the rotating piece can freeze against the plate and then be wrenched away when it's started again. It's especially difficult if you have water with a lot of minerals- these can build up over time.

    So- assuming the leaking was from the main shaft seal, the most likely cause was that there was some crud interfering with the mate of the seal to the plate. Since you've been using the dishwasher anyway, it's been broken down or dislodged, and the seal surfaces are mating up snugly again, stopping the leak.

    Ideally, you want to know what part was actually leaking- the central seal or the hoses (I assume if it was the door gasket, you'd have figured that out already.) OTOH, if it's a leaking hose, it's unlikely to have stopped by itself.

    I'd probably check for water underneath it over several more days, and if you don't find any, put the panel back on and declare victory.

  7. How much do I love RobinH? I can't believe someone actually had the answer here! Larry will be very happy - that is, if I can get him to believe that RobinH exists...

  8. I think the mice are drinking the liquid formerly known as drippings.
    Or RobinH is correct (which is more likely than my excuse of a reason). But then Larry would have to believe I exist as well...
    ~Karen (formerly kcinnova)

  9. PS: I was vote #26! :)

  10. As someone who woke up this morning to both dishwasher drawers beeping and flashing, "F1", "F1", I'm not sure I would wait. A few days ago I saw a puddle on the floor, wiped it up, and then it never reoccurred. Turns out, since the plug is located BEHIND the dishwasher that I have now lost several outlets since I had to trip the circuit breaker.

    Should have called the repairman when I saw the leak.

  11. I voted too! Love your blog even if I don't comment much - sorry! ~ Julia

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