Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Yet Famous

I noticed that someone named "Sears" commented this morning on my post Appliance Mindgames  and for a moment I thought, "At last! I've been recognized as a leading opinion maker and am being offered free appliances from a major appliance manufacturer!"

Amazing what can flit through my mind in approximately half a second, isn't it?

Anyway, the comment in its entirety read thusly:

Your blog really very good and i voted to you. 

Sentiment appreciated, for sure; but apparently my ship has NOT yet come in.


But at least I have not yet fallen to the bottom of the Big Family blog rankings at Circle of Moms.  Vote for me to save me from certain ignominy and disgrace.  Thanks.


  1. Yay! All fixed! And I voted (again). :)

  2. I'm behind on my reading (and internet use in general, thanks to my husband who thinks I only need 90 minutes a day! Crazy...). Unfortunately, the powers that be won't let me catch up on my voting, either. However, you are now at 212 and that's a long way from the bottom. :)

  3. I have voted for you every day! And I'm glad I can finally leave a comment again :) ...I hope MIME