Friday, September 02, 2011

7 Quick Takes: KoolAid Mom Edition

Please, learn more NOW about the Giant Internet Hand of Spanking.  You'll be glad you did.  Really.


My dishwasher continues its  dripping.  But I'm still happy with it.  Nothing like prolonged deprivation to make one appreciate even the rudiments of civilization.  Sort of like camping, actually...


The neighborhood children (including mine) are all outside playing a rousing game of kickball.  I have no idea how they teleported themselves back to the 1960's, but I am grateful for it.  Next thing you know, they'll come running in asking me for KoolAid.  Which I will dispense from a smiley-face pitcher, of course...


 Have I mentioned my dishwasher?  Oh, I have?  Do you understand how wonderful it is not to plan my meals around how few dishes it will require me to wash afterwards?  I might even start cooking for real again.  And now I don't have to yell at the children for using 10 knives to make 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Go ahead, kids!  Use all the knives you want!


For sandwich-making, I mean...


Speaking of which (knives, that is), 9-year-old Rachel wanted a Swiss Army knife for her birthday.  Yup.  Knowing Rachel, that gave us pause; but Larry decided to say yes anyway.  Granted, he didn't think how it would look exactly, Rachel hanging out at our neighborhood playground, diligently whittling twigs into sharp pointy sticks as a gaggle of little girls looked on and jostled each other for a chance to hold the knife.  I haven't gotten that many dirty looks since my oldest pooped on the slide, aeons ago.  So we've told Rachel she can only use her beloved knife in the house.  We're nothing if not strict.


If you have time, click on over to the host of 7 Quick Takes - being a Texan, she lets her kids play with scorpions instead of knives.

[KoolAid pitcher image: NewsRealBlog]
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  1. Laura wanted a Swiss Army knife when she was about Rachel's age. I don't know why. But we quickly found the flaw in our "use it only at home or when YMCA Princess camping with Dad (read: cabins)" rule when one of Laura's friends came over and talked Laura into letting her "borrow it." I didn't know the knife had left the house until Laura was sad a few days later when her friend said she'd lost it. (Imagine if the friend had brought it to school to return it, which is what the girls planned!) Also, Laura's friend has a younger sister at home. So I had to call that mom and tell her that her kid came home from our house with a knife. Imagine that call.

    On the upside, I bet Rachel could use the tools on her knife to MacGuyver the dishwasher.

  2. Exactly. Rachel is perfectly capable of handling a knife, but when her friend at the playground starts tugging at it because she wants a turn? It gets ugly FAST.

    But you're right - I should just set her to work on the dishwasher.

  3. The link for the Internet Spanking thing didn't work.

    My new apartment has everything but a dishwasher. When I saw other apartments with them I have to admit I was hoping to find one that had one. I didn't. YOU LUCKY DOG!

  4. Kids + knives = great freedom.
    Glad the dishwasher is living up to your expectations.

  5. Nice knife. I loved my swiss army knife. I lost it, too.

  6. Your kid pooped on the slide? *snicker*

  7. Oh, how I've missed you! My face hurts from smiling and laughing while reading this post.
    ~Karen (formerly kcinnova)