Sunday, April 08, 2012

For Better Or Worse, But Not For Curtains

Careful! These melt.
My Easter was very nice, thank you.  Well, except for the part this morning where I caught my skin in the zipper of my dress-up pants.  Apparently, there is only so much fat that one can suck in.  Also, I absentmindedly slipped a Reese's Easter egg into my (warm) front pants pocket right before church.  Do not try this at home, kids.

Auntie Kate is still here.  She has been sewing window treatments for our living/dining room.  It's the third part of our 3-year redecorating plan: the first year, she recovered the seats of my IKEA dining room chairs and made matching throw pillows; the second year, she created a bench cushion out of the same material; and this year we picked out coordinating fabric for the valances.

Yes, she's nice, and no, you CANNOT have her.  She's mine.  Or Larry's, really...

There is a slight issue with the new valances that might end up requiring the services of a mediator.  Apparently, Larry never got the memo that, while he has final say on landscaping, I possess veto power on the interior decorating front.  I have heard that there exist married couples who can actually cooperate on endeavors such as these; but we, alas, exist on a lower matrimonial plane, where toothpaste tube disposal methods can provoke unfriendly feelings and choosing a paint color becomes an exercise that makes the American Civil War look like a friendly spat.

Look, YOU get along with someone for over 2 decades.  This marriage gig isn't for lightweights, you know.


  1. You know my vote. Tell him he's officially outnumbered and my mom would TOTALLY agree with you, so he'd better behave or that might be a haunting offense...

  2. So what happened to the Reese's egg...feels like there's a story there. Or perhaps we are to just use our imaginations. At least it was your front pocket...

  3. It really isn't for lightweights. If only more people realized that going in...

  4. Our marriage has survived for almost 28 years because we agreed early on that he would never ask me to choose a shade of white paint, and I get to pick all the other colors. There are some burdens a wife should not be required to share and selecting shades of white paint is one of them!

  5. Yeah, my husband cedes all color choices to me. Period. And he installs whatever I say. I just don't get to tell him how to install it. Totally not for lightweights.

  6. She who spends much time in the house gets final say in these matters. Larry is outnumbered, especially considering Navhelowife's very good points.
    I just got back from a ten day journey that included driving 3000+miles, camping, hiking, and hotel rooms shared with my husband and 2 sons. Twenty four years of marriage (and 4 kids) and most definitely not for lightweights.

  7. Whaaaa? What gives Larry an equal vote here?

  8. There is a certain orange bathroom in my memory that HE picked out. Let's just say he is never allowed to make paint choices again. Just mentioning the color orange in our family elicits looks and laughter!

    Does anyone else go to weddings and think, "They really don't know what they are getting themselves into!"

  9. No kidding. I told my husband that on our anniversary every year we should renegotiate for the next. We've been together for almost 20 years ;)

    He's allowed to decorate the garage and I had given him the bathroom to decorate but apparently that means never finish painting it and have everything stark white so I'll be taking over that soon.

  10. I am pretty sure that the universe intended men not to have decorating opinions--marriage works best that way.



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