Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hunger Games

I'm back!  Whew, last week was not a fun one.  And now we have a houseguest (Auntie Kate), which means that this week involves tourist-y activities, plus visits to JoAnn's and my having to cook honest-to-goodness meals.  Somehow, Auntie Kate does not get excited about cheap pizza.

What?  That thing at the top of my post?  Some nice lady from BlogHer gave it to me.  But now I'm confused - I could have sworn Twinkies went out of business a few months ago.  Didn't they?

My mother never bought Twinkies.  I always thought it was because we were Jewish, because all my goyische friends had Hostess products galore in their kitchens - Ringdings, Twinkies, Yodels...

Oh, wait, I think we had Devil Dogs once.  But I didn't like them.  Mostly, we had Stella Dora and Entenmanns.  We lived 4 miles from an Entenmanns outlet store.  I know!  It was almost a fairy tale childhood.

I think I'm rambling here.  In short, it's a good thing that I'm not being paid to endorse Hostess, considering my limited life experience with their products.  I'm just being paid to slap some code up there.

I sort of like the picture, though.  It's cute.  And now I'm hungry.  Free samples would be nice...

[Entenmann's image: DrJays]


  1. oh, Great. Now I want one, too!

    Also, I'm on vacation for 10 days, living in hotel rooms with 3 males related to me by blood or marriage. I *NEED* chocolate!

  2. They filed for bankruptcy but have not gone out of business (YET). I need chocolate but I can think of much better ways to get it than that.

  3. Twinkies went out of business? That is news to me. My mom never bought Hostess products either. I was the only kid at my school who didn't have ho hos in my lunch box.

  4. Chocolate creme filled Twinkies is the strategy that they have devised to lead them out of Bankruptcy. It worked for General Motors, didn't it?

  5. I grew up in a house without sugar, so I was envious of those Hostess-snack homes.