Friday, April 20, 2012

Tennis, Anyone?

There are a lot of people from the University of Virginia looking at this post the past couple of days.  Why college students would be interested in reading about a middle-aged woman's humiliation at the hands of Harris Teeter personnel, I cannot imagine.  And would it kill any of them to comment on it?  I feel so used.

Let's not talk about my day, as it did not go very smoothly.  My children didn't even eat breakfast until 10 AM.  And I'm not proud of the fact that the number of people who showed up for homeschool tennis was twice what I had told the nice gentleman who runs that program to expect. 

Apparently, tennis can kill.  Who knew?

Also?  I had to pay 1800 dollars in order to make sure our 2004 Odyssey would pass the state inspection and also not lose its timing belt on a local highway. 

1800 dollars is a lot of money, people.  In case you didn't know...

To top it all off, Blogger seems to have rolled out a new version of itself.  So if the comments don't work, or something else looks weird, it's NOT MY FAULT.  You can't expect to teach an old blogger new tricks.

[Tennis image: Super Coloring]


  1. While I was looking for a new apartment last year while simultaneously working on the opposite side of L.A., my car died. When I got it to my repair guy he said, "Well, it may not need a fuel pump now, but eventually it will. It will just go in and out until... surprise!"

    It cost $497 dollars. On a 1998 Ford Contour with 53,000 miles. I'm still paying it off.

  2. Okay, that is weirdly coincidental. We gave our 2000 Odyssey to my mother-in-law, who called us on the for $3500 to fix the transmission (probably on the SAME day as your debacle). And I'm still trying to figure out how to fix my blogroll.

    Please, please tell me your husband is not trying to convince you to fix your $10 flip flops with silver duct tape because then we would have to be twins separated at birth. At least college students stay clear away from my blog.

  3. Turns out that the fine print for my daughter's $100 emergency room copay is that's only after we've met our hospital deductible. So, add $900 to that $100. Thankfully that was under our OLD plan and our new one is so much better. So there's that.

  4. Yesterday I put in five blog posts in a row, all scheduled up to fire off neat and tidy, because I'm going on a little vacation. And it all went well. Hours later, but after midnight, I checked back in to look at the analytics and discovered that Blogger had blown up everything. Nothing was recognizable. I'm so glad I didn't have to learn anything new with a big batch of posts to put in. I'll have to eventually, but not the hell now.

  5. Having lost a timing belt on the highway once, I really think the $1800 is worth it. Trust me, the tow truck and the repair bill would be worse.

  6. I had to replace front & back brakes to pass inspection last year. It happened to be up in December. Crappy timing, no?

    Jenn, I would swoon at a $1000 deductible. I finally met someone who has a higher family deductible than us--hers was $5000 (ours is $4000). I've spent so much time on the phone setting up payment plans since my son's January ER visit... I talked to a very nice young man from Tennessee, though, with a lovely accent. So there's that.

  7. Don't feel bad about the 10 a. m. breakfast, my kids did not get out of their pjs til 5 p.m. yesterday (bad mommy!)

  8. I see nothing wrong with breakfast at 10am.
    Also, having lost a timing belt on a lonely stretch of highway in Texas, I know it is better to have paid $1800 in advance than to be stranded... (but yes, it still bites to have to pay so much)