Thursday, April 12, 2012

They Paved Paradise...

Those of you who didn't watch yesterday's video are missing out on the fun.  Just saying...

Fat free!
Today?  I woke up worrying about how I was going to get myself back on track with Weight Watchers (there was an unfortunate, uh, incident with the jelly beans on Sunday...and Monday...and maybe Tuesday); but my weight loss problem was solved by the appearance of a rogue stomach virus post-lunch today. 

So I've been lying on the couch like a Victorian lady with the vapors, in between staggering to the kitchen to sip on flat ginger ale.   I assume the children managed okay for dinner, judging by the fact that the leftover ice cream in the freezer seems to have disappeared.

Foraging for food is an important life skill.  Also?  Foraging for cheap pizza coupons...

Did I ever mention that I was very excited about cooking when Larry and I first got married?  You see, we were both in the Navy at the time and ate at the chow hall.  In fact, that's where we met.  (I know!  Romantic!)  But I couldn't wait to get our own place and prepare home-cooked meals.  Neither of us could understand why some military folk actually brought their families to the chow hall for the special Thanksgiving dinner.  Why would anyone do that when they could be carrying on the Thanksgiving tradition of turkey-and-stuffing in their own home?  Who would settle for mess hall cooking on a day like that? 

Such were the ruminations of our 20-years-younger starry-eyed selves.  But now?  I would totally be down with holiday meals at the chow hall.  No dishes, no food shopping, and great prices - what's not to like?  Alas, we no longer qualify to dine there. 

I'm telling you, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

[jelly beans image: candy addict]


  1. I had to show DH the video. He didn't get it, but I still laughed hysterically. It may get posted on my Facebook wall once I get done typing this. Also, I think fixing food is highly overrated. I made DH do that this evening. He dumped a can of pizza sauce over pasta for the kids and ordered pizza for himself and I. My kind of evening.

  2. The best part about my husband being retired? He does almost all the cooking! Of course, if I try to give pointers on how to do anything, it is considered nagging and offensive... that's what 24 years of experience does for me!

    We were out of town for Easter/spring break and there is no candy in my house. NONE. Obviously, I did not think through this scenario in advance.
    Paved Paradise, put up a parking lot!

  3. Ah, way to work a flu purge to get your diet back on track!
    I've never enjoyed cooking. I don't think I ever will either.

  4. That video is hilarious!!!!!

    I feel your pain about the chow hall. I long for the haute cuisine of the dormitory cafeteria or the ramen noodles my dorm roomie made in the plug in hot pot.

  5. Pinterest has renewed my cooking. Plus I'm trying to eat healthy and there are just so many fun recipes out there. skinnytaste is my new favorite.

  6. Yes, it got me turned onto this no-knead bread recipe that is awesome. The kids literally wait with napkins tucked under their chins and butter knives in their hands for this bread to come out of the oven.

  7. A few years ago we went to Thanksgiving at the chow hall while my husband was on the staff at Parris Island (Marine Boot Camp.) Yes, the no cooking and cleaning was nice, but I could have done without the yelling drill instructors and the terrified recruits. (If I wanted all that yelling, I could have stayed at home!)