Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snickers Bars Are My First Responders

I love this.
Well, Frankenstorm wasn't so bad in these parts as predicted; but I was up late anyway, listening for the telltale cracking of the tree that was going to come crashing through our roof.  Also, keeping an eye on developments in NY/NJ, which were bordering on apocalyptic.

Can we all have a round of applause, by the way, for Mayor Bloomberg?  Just seeing all those ambulances lined up, waiting to rescue NICU and PICU patients from a power-less NYU Hospital, was awe-inspiring.  New York did itself proud last night.  Everyone knew his job and did it, come wind and high water.  And transformer explosions.  And collapsing buildings.  And...well, you all saw the rest.

So I sat up late to hang out on Twitter, texting my family in NJ with any relevant news (they were already in the dark, both literally and figuratively) and watching Mayor Bloomberg's awesome sign-language lady, all the while with this tune running nonstop through my head:

[Play it - it's catchy!]

Essential First Aid Supplies

And now?  On to Halloween!  I'll admit it - with kids underfoot all day yesterday and today, I've been breaking into the Snickers Minis a bit.  As emergency rations, they definitely did the job of maintaining morale.  My morale, that is...

Anyone need some jugs of water?  We've got plenty.

[Sandy chart: The Hollywood Reporter]
[Snickers image: Consmr]


  1. I am always in awe of those folks who stay behind to take care of things when a natural disaster strikes. First responders rock.

  2. Snickers as emergency rations - I like it. We were relieved here, as well, that the storm didn't turn out to be as bad as feared.

  3. I could never have that bag in my house. I would eat it in a night. Snickers are like crack to me.

    I'm glad you weathered the storm okay. You are the second person to mention the sign language lady--I'll have to look for video.

  4. I would take your snickers and your power - we have water but not much else. Lost about 10 large trees behind our house between us and the neighbors, and most of the roads in our neighborhood are blocked by either trees or downed power lines. It's going to be days and days before we get power back.

    And our swing set got smashed. My 10yr old is devastated. Not a very Happy Halloween around here.

  5. So sorry to hear that! It is crazy up there right now, from what I hear from my father. No power there, either...it's driving me crazy that he won't come down here.

  6. Way to survive! I've been parceling out the Halloween treats--to myself--for a month now and the stash is low so those kids of mine better hit the streets HARD to replenish my mini kit kat supply.
    Happy Halloween!

  7. We did not lose power. It was an interesting experience driving I-80 in Pennsylvania east of Pittsburgh Monday afternoon. If I had know what the weather would do, I would have left little brother's house in Madison WI after his wedding reception Saturday night and driven all night. Instead we left there Sunday afternoon, so the drive from Chicago on was through rain and wind, with some wet snow showers on the highest parts of I-80...

  8. I still get alerts from the county regarding weather and schools, so my phone was hopping with constant text messages the past few days. Apparently 70 school buses had to be re-routed in the western portion of the county due to flooding, so they started school an hour late today, letting those bus drivers do it in daylight.
    Sorry your dad is stuck with no power, and glad you have it!

    I stared at a bag of mini Snickers at Costco today. The siren call was strong. My memory of the numbers on the bathroom scale was stronger. (Not saying that is a good thing, just a powerful thing.)

  9. Chocolate is definitely at the top of the list for the emergency supply kit I am now creating.

    Glad your family is safe.

  10. Glad you came through the storm OK. All my thoughts and sympathies go to those devastated by this storm. It's so sad.

  11. Couldn't find flashlights. Strike one (but it's not so bad). Couldn't find D-cell batteries. Strike two (but we'll survive). Can't find fun-size candy bars. Strike three. Time to PANIC.