Saturday, November 03, 2012


What with keeping up on Hurricane Sandy developments (I am, after all, a born-and-bred Jersey girl) and following the political craziness of the imminent election, I am going to need social-networking detox next Wednesday.  In other words, I have fallen down the Twitter well and I can't get out.  Where are first responders when you need them, anyway? 

It looks like this - just erase the shoreline a bit
See?  I just stopped blogging to check Twitter.  I can't stop salivating over @CoryBooker, the amazing super-mayor of Newark, NJ.  When the man isn't saving women from burning buildings, he's delivering blankets to the huddled, power-less masses and inviting them to his house to eat lunch and charge up their cellphones. 

I wonder if he would marry my daughter?  He seems like such a nice young man.

You know, maybe you just shouldn't expect me back until after Tuesday...

[NJ image: Wikipedia]


  1. I'm a total political junkie wondering how I'll let go after Tuesday. And totally glued to the Sandy news: my daughter's roof leaks now? No, no, don't remind her of the cousin's leaky roof that collapsed in the rain because their landlord didn't think it was a big deal nor worth fixing, and it was a good thing they were sleeping in the other room not that one (great alarm clock effect though) and and and your roof is leaking and you'll all going to dive, DIVE I say. Right into that water.

    Chill. Right. Got it.

  2. The post-storm news is so awful. I watched a piece about Staten Island with my girls and they were so distraught they pooled money from their piggy banks to send to a relief fund. The line my oldest kept coming back to was a woman who lost everything who said, "It's like a nightmare and I keep thinking I'll wake up and I can go home. But there's no home to go to."

    Feeling very thankful tonight as my kids sleep peacefully down the hall in their own rooms.

  3. Hello, my name is Jenn and I am also a Twitter addict. I too am hoping it calms down after the election.

  4. I live in NJ and while we're not on the coast it is still nasty and scary here. It's been a week and only 40% of the people in town have power. It's getting colder and they might get the power back by Friday. The gas lines are long, tempers are short and the election is now the last thing on many peoples minds. I hope your family got their power back and are safe.

  5. The guy who cooked all the food in his restaurant outside and gave it all away was pretty awesome too!

  6. Thanks for reminding me about Cory, he's really great. Off to follow him on Twitter now...

  7. Heros all over the place there--so glad to know that.
    I'd be fixated, too. In fact it's hard not to be.