Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sibling Lament

We finally hit the road at 11:15 this morning.  Or, to put it another way, over 3 hours later than we had planned to get going on our road trip/vacation.  It wasn't pretty, folks, but we've made it halfway; hopefully tomorrow will go better.

This morning -- while Larry and David wrestled with the bicycles and came up with a VERY creative way to tie 3 of them to the top of the pop-up camper (creative in that it involved one rectangular fold-up table and LOTS of rope) -- I ran around the house, trying to clean up and ordering the younger kids around.  At one point, hearing Brian and Rachel snapping at each other, I said, "Come on, guys! We're not even in the car yet.  You can't possibly be on each other's nerves yet."

This statement was followed by a silence long enough that it allowed me to start congratulating myself on my superior parenting skills, getting my squabbling children to see reason like that; but then, from the front hall, came Brian's voice, low but distinct, a voice speaking out for all brothers with younger sisters, from time immemorial:

She ALWAYS gets on my nerves.

You've got a point there, buddy.


  1. Oh, boy! Have a wonderful trip! xo

  2. My son would completely sympathize with your Brian. I hope the vacation goes well, with NO mosquitos and NO sibling squabblery.

  3. I would be a basket case. Good luck!

  4. Leaving at the crack of noon is a common occurrence in my household. I think we'd gloat with pride over an 11:15am departure!
    Brian's comment is perfect. Well played, Brian.

    Wishing you plenty of squabble-free moments in the coming week.

  5. But did Brian's voice sound like your brother Matt?

  6. HA! Bless his heart. And I agree with the comment above that your departure time is miraculous!

    Have a wonderful trip :)

  7. Classic. To be fair, Rachel sounds like a handful :)