Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mission Accomplished

The Holy Grail of Summer Refreshment
We're back from our camping adventure in Cape Cod. (And still married!  Miracles never cease.)  For today, I present to you photographic evidence of the realization of my long-desired goal - to once again taste a certain delectable hot-weather treat obtainable in only one (very) small state. On our way up to the Cape, Larry and I made a detour through Newport, RI, ostensibly to remind the kids of all our favorite haunts in that lovely town, but really? We were plotting to get our hands on some authentic Del's Frozen Lemonade, a delicacy too infrequently sampled during our year-long sojourn there, an entire decade ago.

It took some doing, as there was no available parking at the beach; but David and Brian and I jumped out of the van and ran to the Del's truck while Larry circled around and around, trying to look inconspicuous despite the camping trailer and 6 bicycles he had in tow.  "6 mediums and hurry!" I barked at the hapless college student manning the truck, who - to judge from the startled look on his face - probably wasn't used to waiting on someone suffering a 10-year-long Del's deprivation. 

Don't worry, I tipped him. 

We located Larry (not too hard, as he was pretty much making a spectacle of himself) and jumped back into the van, each of us juggling 2 lemonades and some straws and napkins and looking for all the world like a bunch of addicts who had just pulled off an illicit drug deal.  Larry drove off with us all taking hits of the lemony frozen goodness through our straws, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the deliciousness of it all.

Happiness, folks - frozen happiness.  It's that simple.


  1. That sounds so good. Totally jealous.

  2. The drink also appears as a mixer in the film, Outside Providence.

  3. Native Rhode Islander jumping in here. We can ALWAYS tell out-of-staters because you either use straws or spoons, and yes, we make fun of you behind your back. You do NOT sip Del's through a straw. You tip it back and drink it right from the cup. When you're left with frozen bits, you shake the cup until it melts just enough to take another swig. Continue on this way, spitting out chunks of lemon as you encounter them.

    And yes, anonymous, Del's goes great with vodka or gin.

    Despite your non-native Del's ways, I'm glad you finally got some again.

  4. Sounds like how I feel about Sundrop slushies.

  5. You're making me want to travel with a big family all the way to Rhode Island. Or at least I now want to make our family look like addicts who've just scored a hit. ;)
    Glad you got some!