Sunday, August 11, 2013

Photo Finish

We are experiencing our typical pre-camping trip frenzy here, trying to do laundry and pack and maybe even print out some Mapquest directions to where we are going tomorrow.

These people will have GPS before we do.
That's right, folks - we still don't have GPS.  What really bugs me is that Larry persists in thinking that it's really modern and cool to go to Google Maps or Mapquest.  "Oh, I'll Mapquest that," he says airily to people we know, not realizing how 2003 he sounds.  Embarrassing.

Adding to the vacation prep confusion was our realization (at about 7 this evening) that we do not own a working camera, aside from the one on Larry's IPod Touch.

I know!  It's like a Flintstones episode, only without the pet dinosaur.

Now, normally, Larry (aka Mr. Spreadsheet) would be researching Consumer Reports and a zillion other websites to figure out exactly how many pixels we need and how much zoom and all that.  Then he would have to find the cheapest camera that fit his specifications.  The process would consume weeks of his life, entire evenings spent in front of the computer, ignoring me and the kids.

But not this time.  I ran into Best Buy (literally, ran) and started checking out the cameras priced $150 and lower.  A sales person came up and I told him, "I need a camera.  I need it now.  It can't have that stupid little mini SD card, because that drove us crazy with our last one.  Oh, and it needs a rechargeable battery." 

"Well," he said.  "There's this one here - it's got 8 zoom."

"That sounds good," I said.  "I'll take it."

Who says old marrieds can't be spontaneous, eh?


  1. Good for you! I think most cameras are so good anymore you can't mess it up in terms of picture quality. We're down to picky details in terms of what we prefer, so I think you'll be fine. Have a great trip!

  2. Way to preempt the ploddy husband!

    Also, GPS? What's THAT? We just get on a bus with random strangers and hope we end up where we want to go...or somewhere close by.

  3. I'm sure that the camera that you got is great. They keep making them cheaper and better. BTW, my GPS never gets me lost sometimes. I always print out a mapquest even with the gps. Most smartphones have a gps now so you the car ones are becoming obsolete anyway.

    Have a great trip

  4. Most smart phones have or can be outfitted with a GPS app so who needs a GPS anymore?

    1. Those of us who still don't have smart phones, of course!

  5. My husband who is in SALES and travels all over the state selling TECHNOLOGY was still "mapquesting" until a couple years ago when I bought him a GPS for Christmas. I swear, it's so man--not to want to ask for directions.

  6. I have been seeing people take pics with their iPads. I find it odd. I rely on GPS to find the bathroom in my own house, but I will say there are times when I've wished I've had the backup of paper mapquest directions.

    Have a great trip!

  7. I just use my phone for everything now. GPS, camera etc lol

  8. We've used or watched others use many in-car or stand-alone GPS devices but frankly, Google Maps is the best I've experienced. The newest version talks to me. We used it through 4 states on the big college road trip and it didn't get us lost once. Although we did end up on a lot of scenic little highways in PA.

    Have a great trip and enjoy the new camera!

  9. I loved my GPS while living in England. I would sometimes just drive into the countryside and discover little villages - then tell the GPS to take me home. I programmed it with John Cleese's voice.

  10. Mapquest sure is old school, but at least he doesn't use those old AAA triptiks.

  11. When you purchase your GPS, make sure it has free lifetime map updates. My Garmin does not, but the Garmin I bought hubby does. The difference in price was less than $20 (mine was cheaper), map updates cost over $50 last time I checked. Hubby's GPS lives in the van, mine stays in the car, as we know how to get to work and back. ;)

  12. While we have a GPS (purchased at a school band auction back in 2008) it has never been updated. Also, it has been known to tell us to drive on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD, so it really can't be trusted.
    Our 1998 Atlas and/or Google Maps, partially memorized, is our back-up system. That's right, we're not quite Luddites.

  13. Haha. We don't have GPS either, except for what's on our phones. And I still have the same camera we bought in like, 2005. But we're still not as bad as my brother, who uses a Thomas Guide. Yeah, an actual map book!