Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rip Van Winkle Watches TV

Today was one of those days where it wasn't hot enough for me to realize that the humidity was killing me.  I languished all afternoon, wondering why I wasn't getting anything accomplished and pondering the futility of all human endeavor, until Larry came home from work and said, essentially, "WTF?" and turned on the air conditioning.

I feel better now.  The hazelnut chocolate a friend brought me from Italy helped also.  I have nice friends. 

Just what the doctor ordered...

In other news, I have finally gotten around to watching the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  I know!  I haven't really lived until now.  Watching Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy smolder with repressed passion is like a hazelnut chocolate bar for my soul.  Sigh.

So now I am watching it AGAIN with a friend who has been similarly deprived.  I'm just wondering what in the world there is to watch once we are done with it.  I mean, what can even remotely measure up?  Suggestions?

[Milka Hazelnut image: Austrian Supermarket]


  1. I confess I haven't seen Colin's version, but I found the complete set of VIDEO TAPES at a library sale. So I should get started on it and start swooning!

  2. The humidity was killing me, too. It's one of those days where I couldn't justify turning on the a/c, since the kids were walking around with jackets on, but it was awful. Here's hoping the front that came through will take some humidity with it.

  3. I was fine with the windows open until my neighbors decided to burn more of the mulberry bush they have pruned. It smelled so nasty I shut the windows and turned on the AC.

  4. Have you seen Sherlock, the first two seasons from the BBC? Not quite the same thing at all, but I loved it.

  5. I know, he is gorgeous - I have loved just about everything Colin Firth is in and Pride and Prejudice is an old favorite.
    Would love a bit of heat right now (you can keep the humidity though) - it's pretty cold at the moment where I am!

  6. Ahhh, Chocolate and air conditioning, a recipe for comfort if there ever was one!

  7. I don't have A/C and I *still* haven't seen it. I'm trying to comfort myself without chocolate and without Colin Firth.

  8. Watch Cranford! I think I can guarantee you will love it.

  9. Well actually, Milka is a German brand. And believe me, we Germans are really proud of our good chocolate! =)



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