Friday, November 18, 2016

In Which I Don't Even Mention The Election

Oh, uh, hi! Anyone still here?

Oh, who cares - I talk to myself all the time anyway.

There WILL be ice!
Remember this? The French door refrigerator with the pull-out bottom freezer that stole my heart almost 8 years ago? Well, I've been watching the prices ever since but not buying, since spending $1500 or more on an appliance sort of horrifies me. But the other night, on my toilet-seat buying errand at Home Depot, I noticed my inamorata, sitting there in the main aisle, with a big SALE sign on it. It had dropped to under $1000, and I knew - I KNEW - it was time. I mean, hadn't I been pining to consummate our love for almost a decade? Didn't I own an 11-year-old fridge with cracked vegetable drawers that was threatening to quit at any minute?

Yes, it was time to take the plunge. So really, my $5 toilet seat ended up costing me way more than that. I went home, ordered the fridge online, set up the delivery date, all without even asking Larry. Feeling magnanimous, I promised the children that they would no longer have to make artisan ice cubes - I would pay the money to have the ice machine hooked up. Oh, there was great rejoicing!

The fridge was delivered last week, and it has been all I have ever hoped or dreamed. The shining glass shelves, mostly at eye level; the myriad door compartments for all my condiments; the extra drawer at the bottom that I designated "Dairy Only" to keep my oldest safe when he visits - it is all like a dream come true.

We filled it up right quick.

Only...not. Turns out our new acquisition has a penchant for periodically making a REALLY LOUD buzzing sound that should most definitely not be emanating from a brand-new appliance. So I called Home Depot and demanded a new one and it's arriving on the 25th. And until then? My children are stuck making ice cubes the 20th-century way, because I'm not paying the plumber twice to hook up the ice machine.

Oy, how they suffer.


  1. You have the most "amazing" luck with appliances. Despite all of that, I am still a bit envious over your refrigerator. I'll be over here across the country with my cracked drawers.

  2. I could talk about appliances for four years.

  3. She's a beauty! Hopefully the kids will survive making ice cubes the old fashioned way.

  4. Very nice. I got one like this last year, only problem is, it provides even more places to hide than my old one.

  5. But golly, it's beautiful! How swell for you! ICE cubes! SHELVING! DRAWERS!

  6. Drooling with fridge envy

  7. That looks beautiful. I wonder if my family would eat more fruits and vegetables if the fridge drawers were right at eye level like that.

    My husband wants a fridge with a drawer in the middle. He calls it "the man drawer". He mistakenly thinks that only his stuff would go in there.

    Our refrigerator is 22 years old. My hope is that it makes it through another Thanksgiving and into the new year, because I don't have the emotional energy right now to buy a new one.

  8. P.S. Thank you for your link to The Bloggess. I don't read that very often but this time it was well worth it - I surely needed the laugh!

  9. I have been eyeing this same kind of fridge for years too! So, keep us posted as to how it really functions for a big family. One of our vegetable drawers has half the front plastic completely broken off. You have to be very carefully pulling it out or pushing it in or you will cut yourself. So, as a result, we usually just let stuff rot in there until we can see everything floating in the gross juices.

    1. That's pretty much what we were doing, too!

  10. Oh fancy! What willpower you have to wait for the sale. I hope you and the fridge have long, happy relationship.

  11. Was the ice maker turned on and not hooked up? We don't have water to our fridge but if the bar for the ice maker gets kicked down it makes that noise.