Thursday, November 24, 2016

Stuffed. Also? Tired.

Silly me - just because I made the stuffing, cranberry bread, and cranberry sauce ahead of time, plus bought the pies, plus cleaned up the house (somewhat), I naively thought that today wouldn't be too difficult. But no, I got up at 8 this morning and didn't stop moving for, oh, 5 hours. The whole time I kept saying to Brian, "I don't care WHEN you are working next year, we are NEVER scheduling dinner for 1:30 AGAIN." I just couldn't adjust to having the holiday meal that early. 

What made it worse was that it was a beautiful day out - who the heck wants to be inside eating dinner when the sun is high and the temps are almost pleasant? I kept thinking I would get a chance to go on a walk while the turkey was cooking, but there WAS NO TIME. Mashing potatoes, more cleaning up, finding 14 decent cloth napkins from our raggedy table linen collection - it took forever.

Luckily, Susie helped with the decorating

And then afterwards, of course, there was clean up. The quote of the day came from Rachel, who -when we told her to wipe down the kitchen table and sweep - said, "I ALREADY emptied the dishwasher!" in her most irate tone of voice. She apparently hadn't noticed Larry and I working our butts off all day. 

I topped off my day by emptying the contents of my new refrigerator (and there was a LOT to empty, because leftovers) into a cooler, in order to be ready for the delivery of our new new refrigerator tomorrow morning. Because I hadn't already handled enough food today...

So, yeah, I'm pretty much done with this whole Thanksgiving thing. I still have to wait up until Brian finishes his shift, though. Larry dropped him off at Best Buy at 4:30, and there was already a line of people going around the building. What is up with these stores opening for Black Friday on a Thursday? Are days of the week not sacred anymore? I say, keep Friday for Fridays. It's my new slogan.

Anyway, if you want to see a singing turkey, go here. An essential Thanksgiving tradition, if you ask me...


  1. I don't care what it is, or how much I want it. Excepting only gas stations (out of necessity), I won't patronize any retail establishments during Thanksgiving. And afterward, I will preferentially give my shopping dollars to companies that closed for the holiday (REI, I'm looking at you!)

  2. I stayed home on Thanksgiving Day (tied to the kitchen in a familiar way, as most of us were) and Friday was spent babysitting the grandbaby while his parents had a nice day and evening out. I *should* have mailed packages at the Post Office but we told them to not bother taking the car seat out of their vehicle, so that's my Saturday job now.
    With everyone here for a few days, I spend most of my time cleaning up after them all.

  3. Nice decorations!

    I find it easier to serve the Thanksgiving Day dinner at around 3 pm. Whenever I've served it earlier, I had to get up really early to get the turkey in the oven on time, and there is less time to get all the cooking done, even if I make a lot of the stuff a day ahead. But what bothers me the most about serving dinner early is that there is this sort of migration of individuals through the kitchen at around 8 PM, with family and guests hunting for a turkey sandwich. When I serve at 3 PM, we have pie at 6 PM, and that's it.

    Enjoy your new new fridge!

  4. I think 3 is a much better time for that meal. It's a load of work to get all the sides coordinated.
    I didn't make any, however, my MIL did and we all pitched in a dish or two. I took a lovely 3.5 mile walk with my SIL and there was NO wind in Iowa that day! Incredible.
    Hope your kid survived his holiday work shifts so far. That sounds awful to me.

  5. I'm glad we don't have Thanksgiving at our house. Although I do have some cute fall dishes lol