Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Appliances R Us

Hello! Meet the new member of my family:


Yes, I succumbed. Every single person on my Facebook feed has been raving about this stupid thing and posting about how it is on super sale right now. "Who knows?" I thought. "Maybe this is the thing that will rekindle my love of cooking. I'll buy it!"

Would you believe I haven't cooked since last Thursday morning, by the way?

Anyway, I'm out all day tomorrow; but the next day...well, the next day I'm bound and determined to learn how to use a pressure cooker and make a delicious meal in minutes.  Although, from what I can tell, this darn thing doesn't do the grocery shopping for me, and really, the hardest part of cooking a meal is making sure you have the right ingredients in the house at the right time.

My ice cube maker is doing fine, thanks for asking. Here, another picture:

See? MORE ice. And no weird sounds, either...

All these appliances doing my bidding - soon I won't have to do ANYTHING around here. Have I mentioned that my washer and dryer play a little song for me when they are done? It drives the kids crazy, but I sort of like it. Well, maybe that's because it drives the kids crazy, but still...


  1. "play a little song for me when they are done" - like "whistle when you work, it will drive them all berserk."

  2. Our washer plays a song also. I've created lyrics to go with the music. The kids REALLY love that.

    1. Ours sort of came with lyrics - it's one of the tunes that is on the Beethoven's Wig CD: "There is music in the river, there is music in the sea...listen, can you hear it? Sing along with me!" I make sure to sing it every time.

  3. Oooh. I hate the song the dryer makes when it's finished. I feel as if it is nagging me: Come get the clothes. Come get the clothes.
    I turn it off; my husband turns it back on when he runs the dryer.

  4. My husband has a pressure cooker - although not as fancy - and he loves that thing. It does cook quickly but the noise makes me almost as crazy as the dryer does. Like knittergran, I feel like it is shaming me for not getting the clothes out right away..

  5. Please don't tell my husband about this appliance. Everything he makes is already last-minute, no planning, seat-of-his-pants, no recipe cooking. I don't think I can take much more (but I will, because I'm hungry after work and he's retired).

  6. My husband keeps harping on getting a pressure cooker. And I say NO. I have no clue how to use one and am not inclined to learn. I am curious to hear from you how you like yours.

    I like my crock pot and I'm sticking to it.

  7. Maybe it's a rural legend, but I will never get one of those pressure cookers because I've heard they can explode. No, I have not consulted Snopes on this tale, but my life has enough appliances.

  8. Oh me too! Black Friday sucker -that's me. But. I cooked brown rice in 22 minutes. Chopped up a pumpkin and it cooked soft in wait. I don't remember. 18? Meat? Awesome. These guys don't make all the noise a regular pressure cooker does. Very quiet.