Sunday, November 27, 2016


Inadequate photo of scarf I'm knitting
Sunday! Already!

As you might recall, our new refrigerator (which I adore) periodically made a VERY LOUD buzzing sound. As this is not behavior that one expects from a brand-spankin'-new household appliance, I called Home Depot and asked for a different one. I was very proud of myself for speaking calmly and assertively and getting positive results. I'm a grown-up!

SO, on Friday, as if I had not already moved food around enough on Thanksgiving, I had to empty the fridge of ALL the leftovers and ALL the condiments and everything else, so that the delivery guys could take it away and give me my new one. This was not fun. Still, I didn't like the loud buzzing sound, so I persevered.

The guys arrived and hauled out my almost-new fridge and brought in the even newer one. "Just leave me the hose for the ice machine," I told the one in charge. "I still need to have the plumber come by and do something under the sink so we can hook it up."

"Oh, okay," he said. Then he pulled open the freezer and, reaching in toward the back, said, "Let me just make sure this button is turned off."

Turned. Off.

He pulled his head back out of the freezer to find me staring at him. "Did you just do something?" I asked, comprehension dawning.

"Yes," he said. "The button for the ice machine is back there. If it isn't hooked up, you have to turn it off."

I just looked at him.

"So, uh, the first delivery guys didn't do that?" he asked, comprehension dawning on him also.

"No," I said. "No, they didn't."

He looked at me and then shrugged. "Well, I'm not bringing that other one back in here. Let's just pretend we didn't figure that out."

Inadequate photo of cowl I'm knitting (llama's wool!)

So, yeah, no loud buzzing sound this time. None whatsoever. My only hope is that someone benefits from all this by picking up an almost-new fridge real cheap.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness... what a champion of a guy! And how gobsmackingly frustrating for you to discover the problem at such a time as that.
    I could use a new fridge. Wishing I had the ability to go pick that other one up now! (Also, your appliance woes are spreading across the country: our dishwasher is having trouble starting.)

  2. PS: I'm no knitter, but those yarns are lovely and turning into even lovelier wearable art.

  3. OMG, of all times to need to transfer all your stuff to a new fridge, Thanksgiving is the worst! I love that delivery man's attitude!

  4. Oh, it's the little things, haha, too funny.

  5. That is outstandingly hilarious. Well done, you!

  6. The scarf and cowl look awesome!

  7. Oh my...sounds like something that would happen around here. Who woulda thunk it? Look at as your good deed - someone who really needs that refrigerator will get it cheap.

  8. hahahaha lol lol see if I would have read your blog earlier I could have saved you all that time.

  9. Figures it was the danged ice machine's fault.

    Your knitted art works look wonderful!

  10. That is hilarious and I hope you hugged the man after he said that.
    But what a royal pain to have to unload and reload your fridge this time of year!