Monday, September 25, 2017

Starvation Diet

Do you know where 4 weeks of intermittent stomach pain and lack of sleep and food get you? It gets you well nigh hysterical. Don't worry, I'm going in tomorrow again to see the doctor. Now I'm thinking it's an ulcer, which is distressing but way better than all the other possibilities running through my head earlier this evening.

What an awful, awful day. And I miss food.

So, yeah, I probably shouldn't even be blogging, but old habits die hard. I can't even remember what I did this weekend. Yoga, probably, and knitting, like all my other weekends. Wow, I really like to change things up around here.

We sent Susie away on an AHG (Catholic Girl Scouts, essentially) camping trip, which should have been fun but - according to her repeated tellings - was not. Something about stinkbugs and spider-y cabins and a hike to nowhere. Yet her troop leader tells me she was the life of the party all weekend. Go figure.

Actually, there's something different I did this weekend - the AHG troop needed an extra driver, so I drove a bunch of the girls to their campground. It supposedly has treehouses, but they are in reality tiny elevated cabins. You know, because camping isn't inconvenient enough, so let's make people drag ALL THEIR GEAR up a steep flight of wooden stairs.

These particular cabins had built-in wooden bunks, wide enough to sleep 3 or 4 girls. And here is where my Jewish upbringing PTSD kicked in. I took one look at those multi-person wooden bunks and thought, "Auschwitz."

Being Jewish is special.

So, anyway, I left my daughter with her friends at a place that reminded me of a concentration camp. Weird parenting moments for the win!

I saw a Google Maps car today,
in case you thought my life was boring

I'm rambling. My stomach still hurts and I'm scared to eat, because if the pain gets worse, I will freak out. And, if the problem does turn out to be an ulcer, that means my go-to migraine remedy (Excedrin) will no longer be a viable option, as it has aspirin in it, which unfortunately has a tendency to eat holes in one's stomach.

I am not exaggerating here when I say that, without my Excedrin, I cannot manage life. I am panicked. Also, hungry - have I mentioned hungry?


  1. Ok I would be a little panicky too with the Excedrin thing. Good thing you have the Dr. appointment tomorrow. Hopefully they talk you back inside and off your ledge. Treehouses sound fun in theory....sometimes the ideas aren't thought all the way through to execution. What a pain.

  2. I had an ulcer around 30+ years ago, before they knew what caused them. At the time, I was an Excedrin addict as well, and they said I had an overabundance of acid in my system and put me on Tagamet, which you can now buy over the counter.
    They now know that ulcers are a bacterial infection and can be taken care of with an antibiotic. Your symptoms sound like mine..I ended up losing 25 pounds and dealt with extreme "bend over" pain. I hope an antibiotic does the trick for you and you feel better soon! :)

  3. Does this mean gallbladder issues have been ruled out? Your pain has been going on much too long. (I say the same thing about my coping strategies: do NOT take away things that make life livable!)
    You're not crazy, the bed sizes made me think the same thing -- and I'm not Jewish.

  4. Ugh! I hope they can get this figured out for you. Eating is my main pleasure in life. (Sad but true!)

  5. This sounds HORRIBLE, your health thing! I am hoping the doctors get on this FAST and DO SOMETHING. It's been way too long already.

  6. I'm so sorry that this is still going on--I hope the appointment today helps, and that they don't rule out your Excedrin. Hang in there!

  7. I am sorry you are still in pain and not able to eat normally. I hope the doctor figures it out quickly and you can get back to normal.

  8. I can't believe you still don't feel well. Are you seeing the same doctor? As far as camping goes, there is a reason someone was brilliant enough to create indoor plumbing and eating facilities . . . it makes life better. We have camped because it's such a cheap way to travel, but yuck.

  9. I'm so sorry your stomach is still causing trouble. :( I hope you're able to find out what it is and heal.