Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fat And Forgetful

I'm guessing it's obvious to Larry that my 40's are dragging me down. He must have observed that - what with unwanted weight gain, teenagers, and other joys of middle age - I've been lacking my customary joie de vivre of late. Or maybe he just noticed that I've given up on cleaning the house. Why else would he have left this tidbit on my computer screen the other morning?

People are happier after 50, eh? So says a Gallup phone survey of 340,000 Americans. Fine! I'll hang on a few more years and see if things improve a bit. But I'm still done with picking up all this goldarned clutter around here. And it really wouldn't hurt if those dishes could start washing themselves.


Of course, if the information in this other news article is correct, maybe I'll just think I'm happier because I won't know any better. Belly fat linked to dementia, it says. Just shoot me now, won't you?

Any of you remember Bess Marvin? She and George Fayne were Nancy Drew's sidekicks. George was a girl, by the way, with a boyish figure and short hair. It always puzzled my 10-year-old self that she had a boy's name. Then again, I was pretty darn naive.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Bess was introduced in every single book as being pleasantly plump. Now there's something I could reasonably aspire to. I swear, the health nazis are raising the wellness bar a tad too high these days to suit me. Next thing you know, they'll be telling me to exercise. I don't think Bess Marvin ever exercised.

I'm thinking that what's good enough for Bess is good enough for me...and she certainly didn't end up senile. Heck, she never even aged. Fictional characters have it good, don't they?

[Belly fat photo credit: Embrace Your Heart blog]


  1. I passed pleasingly plump about 70 pounds ago, maybe I should give some thought to working out? Or just wait until I'm over 50 and find that elusive bliss? ;)

  2. Of all the things I miss about growing up, it's my Nancy Drew books! I can't BELIEVE I sold them? Gave them away? Tossed them? It's weird that I think of them as much as I do but hiding away to curl up with a Nancy Drew book is still a glorious memory.

  3. Belly fat related to dementia? God, I am so screwed.

    I read that first article. It's a bunch of crap. You know why people in their 50s are happier? Because they are done dealing with TEENAGERS! I, of course, will still have a teenager until I'm 54, but I suppose that's just poor planning on my part.

  4. Now fat people are demented? That seems prejudice. As far as fictional characters having it good, my cholesterol level is so high even my fictional self died of a heart attack in his 40's. He was incredibly handsome, well-loved. and athletic cat burglar/legal advocate for the poor when it happened though. Closed down the city for his funeral.

  5. HA. DH and I will still have teenagers when we are in our 60's and 70's! LOL.
    I keep telling him that they will "keep us young". Pleasantly plump has never existed in the eye of the "fat-holder"...only other people say that :)
    I'll take real life over being an ageless fictional character any day...even when they are lousy days :p

  6. Shelley is absolutely right--when I hit 50 it will just be me and my husband and dogs at home for most of the year. And when I come back to the house it will be just as I left it--which, honestly, sounds like nirvana some days.

  7. AnonymousMay 24, 2010

    I was a huge fan of Bess.
    Pleasantly plump sounds just right to me.

  8. I have to drop a lot of weight to get back to plump, but I am working on it. Diet Nazi's be damned, that's as far as I am aiming. Between age , belly fat and medications I am doomed to a bad memory anyway. I will have teens in my house until I am 59, that doesn't help either...

  9. Wait, did you say something?

    Obviously, I'm getting an early start...