Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Thank You, Craigslist!

Lookee there, to the right!  A working stove!  Barely used and just 300 dollars on Craigslist!  And it came with all these exclamation points!

You know, I'm a tad worried that I have become a person who gets this excited about a Maytag appliance.  This may be a bad sign.

I have no time to think about that now, however, busy as I will be relearning how to cook the modern way - you see, for the past few months, I've developed a sort of campfire style of food preparation: put the pot on our antiquated stove for a minute or so and then take it off and stir things around and then put it back on...you get the idea.  The only thing missing from the whole outdoorsy-type experience were the S'mores.  Although, I guess we could have microwaved those.

Click on that link, it's amusing.

And, no, the stove didn't come with the repairman.  But, considering our track record with appliances, that might have been useful.


  1. Hooray, a new stove!! Does it come with the warming oven just like the one in the picture? (SuperDad would be envious... he's fond of hot food.)
    The link was hilarious. My 11yo can start a campfire by himself. We send him down to the fire pit whenever he wants a hot dog. It's only dangerous when there are brothers around waving sticks. But then, we are the ones who have moved the spattering-style of cooking outside: the wok gets used on the patio table and bacon is cooked in a camping fry-pan on the grill. I heartily recommend it -- it will keep your new stove clean!

  2. You got one with a double oven? That is wicked sweet. Congrats.

  3. Is it really that stove? With the two ovens? I'm lusting after one of those.

  4. Funny to read this--my microwave LITERALLY melted down yesterday. Ha!

  5. Congratulations to you on your new (to you) stove!
    That microwave s'mores link is hilarious. I'm always amazed when someone invents something completely pointless like that. I'm even more amazed when someone buys it.

  6. LOL. You definitely need the repairman on retainer :) Looks like you will be having lots of fun. Pax!

  7. Perhaps a dishwasher on Craigslist next?

    Congrats on the new appliance!

  8. Craigslist is a good thing. A working stove is an even better thing!

  9. Love the new stove. I considered the double oven version myself, but opted for the fifth burner on the top instead, settling for a warming drawer. Truth be told, I use the warming drawer way more than I ever used that 5th burner in the center.

  10. "You know, I'm a tad worried that I have become a person who gets this excited about a Maytag appliance."

    I am with you. When I did my taxes and saw the size of the refund, my first thought was, "Well, there's next month's mortgage." Sad! When did I become this person?

    Still, congrats on the stove! Happy cooking!

  11. Gosh.

    I was pretty excited when we bought our new oven etc.

    I'm with ccr... 'when did I become this person?'


  12. Awesome!

    Last night I came up from the laundry room & exclaimed "I'm SO happy about our washer & dryer!"

    dh thought that was very weird, probably because our washer & dryer are c. 1984 almond & brown monstrosities.

    But - & this is what makes me so happy - they work! Day in, day out, they work. And if something goes wrong, they're fixable. Old machines with old mechanical parts are easy to repair (unlike the new appliances which as the guy who came to my fridge said: lady, this is a computer which happens to also cool your food.)

    And they're Maytags.

    So there - I think I beat you. I get excited about old & ugly Maytag appliances.

    May you enjoy many years of worry free cooking on your new Maytag!

  13. I love Craigslist. And even more, I love a working stove.

  14. A friend got a stove and dishwasher from a neighbor who was getting foreclosed on a couple years ago. My husband had done some repairs etc for them, because he's a kick butt friend like that, and they gave us the stove. I was willing to buy it from them. AWESOME flat top stove with convection oven. It came with us when we bought this house.
    I do fear that I need to call to get my washer and dryer serviced. They're 6 years old and getting noisier. Of course the tile in the house may be contributing to it, but I certainly don't recall the dryer drum squeaking before....

  15. a working stove WITH exclamation points???

    you go girl ...

  16. ohhhh, what an awesome stove! I LOVE Craigslist. By the way, I have six kids also and now a follower, :)