Monday, August 06, 2012

Crowd Control

After spending 2 hours on Tuesday waiting in line for Obama rally tickets, and then another 5 hours waiting in various lines at the actual rally on Thursday, I found myself on Sunday suffering from what could only have been some variant of queue-ing withdrawal.  I mean, here it was, another 95-degree day (and really, can someone up there just QUIT IT with this weather, already?) and I was lounging around in the comfort of my air-conditioned home.  It just didn't feel right.

Lego rendering of Rivendell
So, instead, I agreed to take Brian to BrickFair, a Lego fan festival that is held once a year in our area.  People, this is a very big event.  VERY BIG.  I managed to park, and then -- with Brian and our neighbor's daughter in tow -- I headed for what looked like the end of the entrance line.  It stretched across the front of the large convention center and several small shops.  It turned a corner.  We walked for what felt like approximately 5 miles (remember - HOT SUN) and the line turned a second corner.  Looking ahead, we could see - far off in the distance - it turning a third corner.

That's right.  It would have been faster for us to head for the actual entrance and walk in the wrong direction to reach the end of the line.

Dog won 1st place for sculpture - these people are hard core lego-ists
We made it inside eventually, whereupon I staggered to an available table in the food court after giving the kids explicit instructions not to leave the building, even if a nice man came up and offered to give them free Legos if they would just come to his car to get them.  Because, really, all these 30-40 year-old men who are still very much into Legos?  Some of them creep me out.

I set up shop with my computer, surrounded by people eating overpriced pretzels and lousy pizza; but I couldn't get much work done, seeing as how the food court was right next to the Lego Bingo area.

No, I had never heard of Lego Bingo before either.  But now I can tell you, it does exist.  And it is LOUD.

So, instead of working, I went and mingled with the crowds.  Have I ever mentioned how I HATE crowds?  Yet here I was, for the second time in less than a week, engulfed in throngs of people, both times of my own volition.  I would like to say that it became somewhat of a religious experience, a road to Damascus moment in which I was suddenly overcome with a love for teeming humanity and a predilection for congregating amidst the multitudes.  I would like to say that, but I can't.  Because it didn't.

Too many people.  Way too many...

I still hate crowds.

[Rivendell: Cool and Collected]
[Dog: WJLA]
[Crowd: Washington Times]


  1. Oh man would my boys LOVE going there!! With 6 boys we have legos EVERYWHERE. I'm so amazed at what they can build and how much time they are willing to put into one creation. I, on the other hand do not care for Legos. Somedays I wear shoes in the house just do I can stop finding them with my bare feet!

  2. I'm sorry I wasnt there to sit and knit with you. We should aim for next year.

    1. Where was this? Not that we could have gone. I work monday thru friday now. Weekends off for the first time in 6 1/2 years. What will I do with myself? If only we could get hubby's schedule changed also. Both of us home on the same day could be dangerous...

  3. Have I ever mentioned that Legos are banned in my home? I broke a toe on a Lego once...never again though, never again!

  4. LOL at the road to Damascus moment. I hate crowds too, but the legos look pretty cool.

  5. My bff (53 years old) bought a stuffed bulldog at Costco (I was not with him because I wouldn't have let him buy it)and yesterday, while I was redoing his entire bedroom, he wanted to put it ON THE BED. I stuck it on the floor, under a table, where it looked like a real dog sleeping. He asked me ONE THOUSAND times if he could put it on the bed. I answered ONE THOUSAND times, YOU'RE NOT A TEENAGE GIRL.

    They say men are more immature than women and yes. Yes they are.

  6. Wow, I bet it felt like a thousand degrees there with all of those people. Awesome legos, though.

  7. *shudder* There aren't enough Legos or Lego creations in the world to induce me to do that. You have achieved parental sainthood. Congratulations.

  8. Oh, *very* cool. I have a similar thing with model train shows. Except that I like trains (in moderation). And instead of children, I have a husband who's a train nut.

  9. You are a hero -- a Lego here! I'm hiding here in my house without a/c to escape the crowds. Come on over and bring your knitting projects.