Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Line Dry? Moi?

Okay, I imposed on a neighbor and resolved the wet laundry crisis.  But, judging from the comments yesterday, a number of you still labor under the unfortunate delusion that I am a dead ringer for Ma Ingalls.  Hang up the wet clothes?  Really?  Do I sound that domestically inclined to any of you, ever?  And have you any idea of the quantity of laundry we are talking about here?  And where would I hang it?

I'm not cut out for this lifestyle, people.

I mean, I suppose - in theory -  I could have strung a clothesline across my living room...

(with thumbtacks, maybe? See? I don't even know HOW)

...but having that mess in my face all day would probably have robbed me of the will to live.  And hanging them in the basement, as one commenter suggested, would only have resulted in my finding those ubiquitous centipedes clinging to the damp clothing the next morning.

Next thing I know, you'll be telling me I can manage just fine without flush toilets.

Anyway, on the bright side, I remembered to renew our appliance protection plan when it expired last June.  So the dryer repairman is scheduled to show up on Thursday, and it shouldn't cost me any (more) money.  I hope.  Plus, the dryer is located in our mess of a utility room.  I can't wait to tell Larry he needs to neaten it up so that the repairman can do his thing.  Not exactly one of his favorite ways to unwind after work, I'm sure...

[Clothesline image: Old Picture of the Day]


  1. Yes, but remember the Great Dishwasher Loss a few years ago? You're Ma Ingalls for sure. Sod house, maybe?

  2. You know, I think I have blocked out the memory of those traumatic times. I don't know how I managed. And, as an adult, I cannot bear even reading about Ma Ingalls coping with that sod house and the dirt floor. As if she didn't have enough to do already, plucking prairie hens and hauling water...

  3. I'm so sorry about the laundry. That stinks stinks stinks stinks stinks! Long time no see.

  4. Oh my heck, you crack me up. The line drying, it's a slippery slope.

  5. We had the centipede epidemic here this summer also. All their legs and such. I agree with you on not risking that with your laundry.

  6. Thumbtacks? bahahahahaha
    Fingers-crossed for good news tomorrow!

  7. Maybe line drying clothes is easier in a house with an existing clothes line? My posts are 3 in diameter Metal pipes, welded to a T shape. They are probably 40+ years old and came installed in our yard. I do have to replace the line every year or so, as cotton ropes tend to become weak after long term exposure to sunlight and water. Also, kids idea of taking laundry off the line is to pull clothes, sending clothes pin parts flying. I buy new clothes pins every spring. I can't affford to run the electric dryer and run the room ACs both. I would rather be cool and hang the clothes outside. ;)