Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Who's The Boss?

Ooh, guess who acted all spontaneous and carefree and ditched her kids just to stand in line for 2 HOURS last night for some awesome free tickets?

 That would be me.  I might not have had the discipline to wait long enough to snag those Bruce Springsteen tickets I wanted back in 1984; but it seems that age possesses the persistence that youth, for all its spontaneity, might lack.  So take THAT, my 21-year-old self!

Although, given a choice, I might still have preferred tickets to Springsteen.

[Bruce image:]


  1. You will see my former neighbor there with her 12yo son!

  2. We are miles apart politically, so I will just say that I'm happy for you (and mean it). I shook hands with the late, truly great Frank Church when I was a sprout. That's about as famous as I'm ever likely to meet. Maybe our Commander-in-Chief will hold a sock for you?

    1. What a great idea! I'll be sure to bring one. Will the needles get past security, though?

  3. He's pretty good, but I hear he's doing new stuff only this tour.

  4. I would totally have camped out with you!