Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Science

You know, I think that sometimes I sell my husband a little short.  I mean, here I am thinking that, while Larry is supportive of homeschooling our kids, he really doesn't do much on the academic end of things.  Oh, yeah, he's into taking them on history field trips - the kids have seen more costumed reenactors than I can count, and they are practically experts on maple-syrup making and ice cream churn cranking.  Other than that, though?  Not so much.

A favorite of scientists everywhere
But this evening I learned that I am wrong.  Apparently, Larry invests a lot of time in researching educational science lab ideas on the Internet for the kids; why else would I have found this fascinating beer experiment video on one of my browser tabs this evening?

I mean, I'm SURE he Googled "Leidenfrost Effect" to find this video, and not "Fun Things To Do With Beer."  After all, the latter would be just too immature for a 46-year-old father of 6, don't you think?


In other news, we are sick AGAIN.  Yet another  head cold/scratchy throat/achiness combo has entered our household, presumably via the mucus membranes of those nasty little disease vectors formerly known as our beloved offspring.  I have to drag myself from my sickbed tomorrow morning to go score some authentic Sudafed from my local pharmacy.  If I'm not dead by then...

Are these even safe?
Also? These Ricola cough drops I keep sucking on are giving me either acid indigestion or a bleeding ulcer - I'm not sure how to tell the difference.  And I keep getting a sharp pain in my upper left rib cage that I can only assume is pancreatitis.  Hypochondria much?

In the meantime, Larry (a fellow mystery-virus sufferer) is conducting his own personal science experiment - can beer cure the common cold?  Or -- at least -- make you feel as though it has?  Maybe he should have the kids make a chart of his results and submit it to a homeschool science fair.  I mean, if the Leidenfrost effect thing doesn't work out...

[Beer image: Boston Business Journal]
[Ricola image: JillandKate's Blog]


  1. Those cough drops are the nastiest things I've tasted in a long time. I would rather cough up a lung that have another one of those. They taste the same as the bathroom cleaner smells.
    That pain under your ribs could be your spleen.

    Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure that the best cure would be extended uninterrupted knitting time.

    I hope you all get feeling better.

  2. Feel better. Maybe try drinking beer instead of sucking on those drops.

  3. I recommend drinking a straight shot of whiskey.

    Larry is only 46?!?!

  4. Get some Emergen C while you are there, drink at least 2 a day when someone in the house is sick. I swear it works!